The Coming Civil War in the State of America

Is our war a “Civil War”? Was our war a “Civil War”? A civil war is a war between factions within the same State/Nation,  however the United States were never a single State/Nation, but rather a union/confederacy of States, hence a union of States/nations. Even Alexander Hamilton, one who advocated consolidation of the States under a national government system stated in the 1787 CONstitutional debates #32 that……

“An entire consolidation of the States into one complete national sovereignty would imply an entire subordination of the parts; and whatever powers might remain in them, would be altogether dependent on the general will. But as the plan of the convention aims only at a partial union or consolidation, the State governments would clearly retain all the rights of sovereignty which they before had, and which were not, by that act, EXCLUSIVELY delegated to the United States.”

If war were to break out between certain States within the European union: Would such be considered a “Civil War”? Certainly not, because the European union, like The United States, were never meant to be “An entire consolidation” of those States. A union, or confederacy of States no more establishes a single nation/state, than do the United Nations establish a single state/nation. This is one point where Historians exhibit their indoctrination over historical fact. Indoctrination begins with a total misunderstanding that the union of nation/states was somehow a consolidation into a single state/nation of “America”, hence they begin their conclusions based on the indoctrination of consolidation.
So called “Historical Scholars” such as Eric Foner, Chandra Manning, and Edna Medford make false assertions based on indoctrination rather than fact such as Mr. Foners claim that……
“Nobody is saying there’s only one single cause of the Civil War,” Mr. Foner said. But historical documents — state declarations of secession, for instance — make an overwhelming case for the centrality of slavery.”
And Ms. Manning’s assertion that…..
“It’s hard to grasp the centrality of the institution of slavery to Confederate states, which is why people often believe there must have been other reasons for war. “When we just try to pretend that the war was about what we wish it was about, we don’t get anywhere.”
Still further we have Edna Medford assertion that……
She receives more comments than questions while traveling the “country
(As if the States are a “country”) to lecture, comments in which people claim the war was about states’ rights and “heritage.” “If you want to accept it that way, then that’s fine, but it’s not anything that’s innocent. It’s based on a heinous institution that was sanctioned by both the state and the federal government,” She states outright that the war was about the expansion of slavery.
Again, the first mistake that each make is in the indoctrination into this myth that the war was or continues to be that of a “Civil War” rather than a war waged by the United States government against what, (upon their Declarations of secession) were each foreign Nation/States no longer part of the Confederacy of States, stiled “The United States of America”.
The next mistake wherein these “Historical Scholars” accept indoctrination over fact is in their misunderstanding between Declarations of Secession and Declarations of war.
Declarations of secession are NOT declarations of war.
If the intention of the United States government was a moral one to end slavery within the union of States, then the declarations of secession made by each State which left the union would have made passage of a law prohibiting chattel slavery within the “United States” most certainly a forgone conclusion, if indeed the intent of the United States government was that simple of a moral stand: But at what point would the United States Government have taken another moral stand in ending its extermination of the Native American Indian, which continued for decades after the passage of the 13th and 14th amendment to their CONstitution?
It would appear on the surface that the United States governments invasion and war of the Confederate States of America had little to do with any moral stand concerning morality or humanity.
One may certainly be sure that Slavery played a part in the Secession’s of the States that left the union, but once those secession’s were legally accomplished then; What need was their for a war to protect slavery when the secession’s did just that by simply exiting the union wherein they may have felt that remaining within constituted a threat to that institution?
The war was not that of infighting, it was NOT a civil war, it was NOT a war over slavery; it was a war over secession and a forced Russian stile union by the United States government, wherein such was, nor is a union of States but rather that of consolidation into a single State by means of force of arms, and conquest.
The United States government had no Constitutional authority to force States to remain in the union, nor to force any State to become part of that union of States, therefore a war of conquest was their only means to obtain a consolidation into a single State.
The challenge was and remains for the United States Government to cite the Article within the 1787/1789 U.S. CONstitution, amendment thereto, or law that states that secession was, or is unlawful or illegal, and that such is by definition an act of war.
The 1787/1789 U.S. CONstitution claims that it is the “Supreme Law of the land” hence the 10th amendment stands as that supreme law concerning secession wherein it states that….
“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
Secession was not prohibited, and was a power retained by each State individually, and remains as such.
Absent a law making any act unlawful or illegal, the act is by default perfectly lawful and legal.
What is the result of the ongoing war waged by the United States Government?
The result is the creation of Political party factionalism, rather than a union of States wherein each State was its own political faction within a union of States.
This creation of a consolidation into a single State wherein political party factionalism divides the people into opposing factions within the single State that these so called “Historical Scholars” accept, is sure to destroy itself in what is sure to be a true CIVIL WAR wherein two or more factions are fighting a war to gain control of that single State, that so many pretend is still a union of States.
The Left political faction, is at a fever pitch and has begun physical attacks on members of the Right political party faction, such will only grow more intense and violent sparking that force of arms which will likely result in U.N Peace keeping forces being sent to the American State allowing the U.N. To decide the outcome which will likely be the forward movement into that OWG.
By,  James Everett

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