Accommodation Party


As we have explained many times over: Our Southern Confederate States exist under the occupation of the U.S. government, and have since 1865; That they legally and lawfully seceded from the U.S. in the years 1860, and 1861; That our State governments, and Constitutions were replaced under coercion and duress with puppet institutions that exist in place of our Confederate States and Constitutions to this day just as those institutions that Russia imposed on the States that it occupied under the former Soviet Union.
As a result of the occupation, and the fact that our Southern Confederate States legally and lawfully seceded, WE ARE NOT PARTY TO THE OCCUPYING U.S. GOVERNMENTS DEBT, OR ANY INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS TO WHICH IT HAS ENTERED SINCE 1865……

The following is from Mr. Howard Freeman, and you can accept his work or reject it as you so choose…….
Accommodation Party

Let’s look at how the states have become the accommodation party to the national debt. There are many people I have talked to, including the Governor, who are very concerned about this, and who know that it could happen very soon. If America”, (Meaning the U.S.) “is declared a bankrupt nation, it will be a national emergency. FEMA will take over, and anyone who opposes the new government of the creditors can be sent to a detention camp in Alaska. We will have no rights whatsoever. They have already setup prison camps with work camps nearby so the people can be used for slave labor. It could be the governors, legislators and other leaders who would be hauled away to Alaska, while the people now disenfranchised from power would likely be chosen to run the new government.

This could all happen very soon, as the national debt is so large as to be un-payable. Even the interest on the debt is virtually un-payable. As I explained, the national debt — more than three trillion dollars — [now almost double that in the 5 years since this was recorded] is not owed by the Continental united States. It is the federal United States that had the authority to borrow bank credit. When Congress worked for the Continental united States, it could only borrow gold or silver, so the national debts was borrowed in the names of the federal United States. The federal United States had to trap the States into assuming the debt obligation of the federal debt. In the Uniform Commercial Code, we find the term, ‘accommodation party.’

How did the states become the ‘accommodation party’ to the federal debt? The federal government through our money system made the states deal in Federal Reserve Notes, which means that everything the states does is ‘colorable.’ Under the ‘colorable’ jurisdiction of the Uniform Commercial Code, all of the states are the accommodation party to the federal debt. Now the concern is to find out how we can get out of this situation. I told the Governor that in the Common Law and the Law of Merchants — that’s the International Law Merchant — there is a term called ‘no-interest contract.’ A no-interest contract is void and unenforceable. What is a no-interest contract?

No-Interest Contract.

If I were to insure a house that did not belong to me, that would be a no-interest contract. I would just want the house to burn down. I would pay a small premium, perhaps a few hundred dollars, and insure it for $80,000 against fire. Then I would be waiting for it to burn down so I could trade my small premium for $80,000. Under the Common Law, that is called a no-interest contract, and it is void and unenforceable in any Court.

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