The recent violence in Charlottesville Virginia

The violence and Blood shed in Charlottesville Virginia rests at the feet of the occupiers and their News media propaganda arm, which continually uses propaganda as a means to facilitate the continuation of the occupation. Such propaganda leads to attacks on, and removal of our Confederate monuments from our occupied Confederate States.

This race baiting and propaganda which is used to associate our Confederacy with Racism creates instability within our occupied Confederate States. White Nationalists, groups as well as ANIFA, and SPLC Race baiters /false flag groups will always cloak themselves and infiltrate our cause to end the occupation of our Southern Confederate States, restore the Founders’ intent and the Articles of Confederation, to aid in the continuation of the occupation.

The occupiers News Media Propaganda arm will lay the blame on Confederates, and purposefully create a false association with racism.

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  1. David says:

    I just want to say one thing. How did that A_ _ H_ _ _ get in office ??? Because no southerner thought to get involved. Why cant our citizens check out who is running for office that effects our lives ? Our towns. Wake Up fellow Dixie citizens fire those trans plant carpet baggers. VOTE: If you cant or wont shoot a gun, VOTE, and ask questions. PLEASE.

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