Call to action

..The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Edmund Burke.

If possible, please take the time to join these men…..
FORWARD THE COLORS! Men of the Mississippi Division! -
Open Invite to Stand for Jefferson Davis this weekend
“This is an open invite, we’re going Saturday to New Orleans to stand for the Jefferson Davis Statue and all our monuments!” Robert Bonner, Gainesville Volunteers, SCV Camp 373

Mississippi Division Sons of Confederate Veterans at Jefferson Davis Monument.

10 Responses to “Call to action”

  1. I think that this is a terrible idea to try and erase heritage for myself and many many more, I am also part NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN, so many of my own people were rounded up like animals many year’s ago, so this to me like our own government has now chosen, to SLAP THE OTHER SIDE OF MY FACE,PLEASE RECONSIDER, AND DO THE RIGHT THING,TO LET THEM BE, THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

  2. Are you going to talk,sign petition and that garbage or are you going to take action

  3. Confederate patriots,Southern brothers and sisters of all races. It is time to stand and put this trash out OUR South. It is time Southerners to leave the U.S. once again- only this time their fkd. They can’t shut off our supplies,can’t starve us out, and WE DAM SURE WON’T LET THEM RAPE AND MURDER OUR WOMEN. Unite Southern brothers and sisters and WE shall take our Confederate States of America BACK. The time for petitions and talk is past,the time to take up OUR battle flag and arm ourselves is here and we will be victorious. Fight brothers and sisters,fight. Stand tall and proud and we shall take back our country. I have already denounced any and all ties including citizenship to The United States of America, I am not a Union citizen- I am a Confederate States of America citizen and the time to seperate ourselves is upon us or OUR South is lost

    • Steven Triplett says:

      Confederate Citizens,
      Why not we will could put damymite sticks on Lincoln Monument and Luther Martin King Monument,before be destroy both of it!

  4. Sharon says:

    Love My South!!! <3

  5. Sharon says:

    Let me know how I can help Mississippi My Sister State
    …I Love Me Some of Mississippi <3

  6. Chuck says:

    live in Texas, need help, let me know, ready, willing, able

  7. David says:

    Confederate Brothers and Sisters, Think! during the civil war we had tax dollars to help about a million of us fight in the cause. Today there is about a few thousand that are willing to fight. One at a time alone we will loose. Uniting we may slow the removal of our hero’s of the conflict but today we don’t have unity or tax money to support a conflict. Who will pay for your bullets? Or for a leader to keep us organized. THINK.

  8. David says:

    Willing leaders in each community will have to take it upon themselves to contact people in your town, county, etc. to organize and use the vote to get rid of political scaliwags OUT of office, who support removing our monuments of our hero’s And make sure the next person you vote for doesn’t have that same attitude. If you want to be an activist The cheepest amunition we have is the vote. THINK.

  9. Chuck says:

    will start working on getting people involved

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