Do you love the South? Do you love the Confederacy?

Do you love the South? Do you love the Confederacy? Do you support the idea of Southern Independence and the restoration of the Confederacy? Did you know you could strike a blow for Southern Independence and all you have to do is —- nothing?
That’s right I said nothing. The occupying government and their citizens are anticipating the day of THEIR election on which THEIR next president will be chosen. Those of you who have read my articles before know that usually I like to give you some information and or something to think about. Here’s your information etc for this piece.
A vote cast by either a US or CS citizen in the occupier’s election really only determines how that state’s electors are supposed to vote when the electoral college meets following the general election. The electoral college consists of 538 total electoral votes and it takes 270 of said votes to elect THEIR president. Here’s what is important about that. Of the 538 189 (35%) belong to the states of the Southern Confederacy including the territory of Arizona.
Here’s how you strike a blow for Southern Independence on THEIR Election Day. Do Nothing. Do not vote. Imagine what would happen if nobody in the occupied South went to the polls to vote in the occupier’s election. No one would win the 189 electoral votes belonging to the South. Without our votes it would be difficult for anyone to win. The election could even get thrown into their House of Representatives.
If you just can’t help yourself and have to vote out of force of habit vote only in your local and state elections. Vote only to rid yourselves of the carpetbaggers scalawags and interlopers you have foolishly put in office who are now running your state’s occupying governments. When we gain our freedom we will need to have people sympathetic to our cause in the occupying government to have a smooth transition between governments. Remember however that the best course of action is to stay home and do nothing. Spend the day with your family. Watch Netflix. Watch the news. If no one in the South went to the polls the reaction in the liberal media would be priceless not to mention fun to watch. There is also one other thing you can do, one other vote you can cast. Download your citizenship affirmation form. Fill it out and thereby cast your vote in favor of the South and for the restoration of our Confederacy and a return to our true government.

God Save The South! Deo Vindice!

By, Tom Pinckley

10 Responses to “Do you love the South? Do you love the Confederacy?”

  1. Maj Gen Mickey Coffman says:

    Howdy and Glory TO god from the Confederacy and to the Confederate states of America the true America. i want to help to help to proclaim the truth of all truth of the Confedracy . we never to the Yankees and we are still the CSA not the USA And the truth needs to be told and the kids of this generation needs to know the truth so the truth to set them free from In Honest Abes Lies and i be glad to help. please let me know and i am ready to help.

  2. Landon K. Wright says:

    I am native born in my country and State of Arkansas. I acknowledge and support the legitimacy of the Confederate States of America. This is my true country and I will do what is required to defend and support my native land.

  3. Chuck Bayless says:

    I was born in the south. The south is my life and livelihood. If there is anything I can do to assist please, let me know.

  4. a yank says:

    woah there

  5. Amen. I love the South & the idea
    of the return to the
    way in which our founding fathers intended.It was a perfect & simple precept; “the faith in
    ordinary people to govern themselves”. So
    simple yet so hard to keep pure.They also did
    not want any kind of.a
    “centralized tyrannical
    government”. I think we have that kind of gov’t
    They were wealthy, landed gentry; but they were great men. They put in provisions that could be augmented, never taken away. ie: supreme ct judges are appointed for life. That’s so they will remain objective in their decisions, so they don’t have to campaign or promise concessions. I won’t rant all night, let me just say , this was the greatest country in the world at one time. It can be great again.We have become a country of cowards, hedge funds, insurance companies, corrupt politicians, poor & homeless & a shrinking middle class. I support the drive for the CSA.
    Please let me know if I can do something to help.PS: I had a relative in the Confederacy, he was a Gen. George Reynolds & In proud of my heritage.
    Thanks for reading & welcoming me to CSA.
    CRAZYHORSE aka(Rey H)

  6. Adrian G says:

    Would diplomacy help Confederate Liberation at all? Confederate Liberation is happening.. Many support Confederate Liberation… We get Confederate Liberation!!!!

  7. Jacob Bryant says:

    Born and raised in South carolina im a redneck

    • Adrian G says:

      If you want a Confederacy of States as opposed to a consoladation of States into a single National system, this is this website for Confederate State Voter Registration to reseat and liberate Confederacy!!!

  8. David says:

    Tom, I will not be divided against you. BUT, I have been encouraging our Dixie citizenry to actively vote after questioning the loyalty of the candidates to the south. This is the only way to keep what we love. Use the occupiers system against them.

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