Words to a “GOLD STAR MOTHER”…..


Pulaski, Giles County, Tenn., Nov. 26, 1863

Dear Mother: Oh, how painful it is to write you! I have got to die to-morrow morning–to be hanged by the Federals. Mother, do not grieve for me. I must bid you good-by forevermore. Mother, I do not fear to die. Give my love to all.

Your son, Samuel Davis

Mother, tell the children all to be good. I wish I could see you all once more, but I never will any more.

Mother and Father, do not forget me. Think of me when I am dead, but do not grieve for me. It will not do any good. Father, you can send after my remains if you want to do so. They will be at Pulaski, Tenn. I will leave some things, too, with the hotel keeper for you. Pulaski is in Giles county, Tenn., south of Columbia.

These are the words written to a “Gold Star” mother from her son just before he was murdered by the occupying governments invading army: These are the words from a young man who is continually dishonored by the occupying government, not just in their District of Columbia, but by their cronies which sit in every office within our occupied Southern Confederate States, each time they call for the removal of our Confederate symbols which young Sam Davis, and 258,000 of our ancestors gave their life to defend,and the 258,000 “Gold Star” Mothers who gave that great sacrifice in defense of our Southern Confederate States.

We demand an apology from the occupying government, and its political “State” cronies who sit in our Southern Confederate State government seats, on behalf of our fallen soldiers, their “GOLD STAR MOTHERS”, and every descendant of our Southern Confederate soldiers!

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    As a proud descendant of a Cofederate soldier and a 12th generation American, I grieve every time I hear words of hate for the Confederate symbols and soldiers who were only trying to defend themselves and their right to be free. I hope the real history, the truth of why the South was invaded and the causes of the war will some day be told.

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