Removing irrelevant Factions

Liberal, Conservative, Left, Right, Progressive, Libertarian, Democrat, and Republican, are all constructs aimed to divide into factions. Under the Articles of Confederation, the only factions were the States united in the Confederacy, stiled the United States of America. The people were not divided into sub factions, their loyalty was to their respective State:
Such is the way it should be.
Our people need to leave the occupiers factions behind and return to a patriotism to their State and the dream of individual liberty.
There is only one system that will work in uniting and maintaining a confederacy of Sovereign States and that system is a wholly federal system,wherein the respective State governments appoint representatives to represent their respective State and the people thereof within a congress.
What the 1787/1789 U.S. CONstitution established was a partially federal system, and a partially national system, which has failed and was doomed to fail in protecting individual liberty, as that dual system itself was a “House divided”.
In the national system that we see under the occupation today, the people are misled to believe there actually is a union of States, and a federal government, when in reality the States have been consolidated into a single nation, and the federal system removed, leaving only a wholly national system in place.
A State is simply a mode of government, and when the State governments no longer appoint a representative to represent their State government, and no longer participate in establishing legislation and law, then a federal system between the State governments no longer exists, hence no union of States exist. What we have under the occupation is a wholly national system, wherein the elected officials represent political party’s, rather than State governments: This is a national system divided into political factions rather than States united in a confederacy utilizing a federal system.
The purpose of the Interim government for the Southern Confederate States is to assist our people in establishing a political venue outside that of the occupying national government wherein we may see our people once again grant their loyalty to their respective State rather than a political party faction, and ultimately return to the Articles of Confederation utilizing a wholly federal system to unite our Southern States.

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  1. Robert Cudny says:

    Articles posted here are short but they explain a lot in a very simple way. They shed a light of truth on what Confederacy was/is all about. We (at least I) can learn a great deal from them. They’re a very helpful weapon in fighting propaganda. I love to read them.
    Thank you
    Robert Cudny

    • Adrian G says:

      Hi Mr Robert Cudny are you registered Confederate State Citizen ? Citizenship Enlistment for Confederate Liberation is here at CSAgov. org ;(that’s THIS WEBSITE)
      I agree with you these Articles really do explain alot fast!

  2. Adrian G says:

    Yes indeed States soveriegn means a TRUE Confederacy, rather than State Government, more people ARE learning and I’m going to share this Article with others so they too can understand and get the Citizenship Enlistment for Confederate Liberation!

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