Assuming a Leadership Role

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Assuming a leadership role

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  1. john l says:

    looking for registered citizens in the state of Louisiana preferably South Lafourche area. To organize meetings and begin communication with our citizens.

    • C.J. Burmeister, Jr says:

      Email me. I’m interested.

      • Adrian G says:

        C. J Burmeister My gmail is Are you a CSA State Registered Citizen on THIS site CSAgov. Org ,
        That’s what we’re trying to get more of for our CSA Liberation,
        John already messaged me we should work together getting more Citizens to start our State Elections as well as getting the CSA Elections held eventually.

    • Joel A. Rogers Sr. says:

      I live in NW Louisiana and I wish to help do what I can for our CSA. I am a registered citizen of csa louisiana

  2. Robert Carroll says:

    I live in Southern Oklahoma I would like to help but I am not sure what you need.

    • Adrian G says:

      Robert what I first need from you (the CSA needs you to register as a CSA State Citizenship on this website CSAgov. Org ) because that will help get the Elections I also ask you find more registered CSA State Citizen voters that would be very helpful as well.
      Thanks for your support for the Confederacy!

  3. Adrian G says:

    I really love this Article, thanks for posting I will share it with others!

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