Facebook and their Censorship


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Facebook censorship

5 Responses to “Facebook and their Censorship”

  1. Alan Marion says:

    I think Facebook picks and chooses who/what they ban depending on the day.

  2. john leboeuf says:

    we will not be able to fight until we all come together as one. we need leaders to start stepping up.

  3. robert e lee says:

    with the new black panthers occupying texas like they are at the moment , going through , patrolling white neighborhoods , intimidating everyone and threatening to kill all cops and white people . i don’t see how we could be called the aggressors anymore no matter what we do . they have cast the first stone and it should be returned . it would be easy to do away with all of them at one time since they travel in platoons an ambush or two and they would all be gone . i can’t believe they are serious with these tactics .maybe they are looking to be martyrs ? that would be fine with me since every time a cop kills one in self defense , they become a martyr .they have so many martyrs now i lost count way back .they are backed ans supported by the racists in the white house , every where the ha ha president goes he leaves a string of dead bodies , of course either white or cops or both .it is time to stop the madness of them destroying our heritage , our flag , our dead . i am mad and i have had enough .

  4. Vareck Bridges says:

    While I can’t get the link to work but I do agree and know that Facebook censors stuff

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