The Importance of Self Authinticated,Authorized Documentation

Matthew 10:16
“Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”

As I have stated on many occasions, the LOS, because of the inept leadership of that private organization have stepped into so many piles of dung along the way that they have become so stained that those stains can never be washed away. Yet they have on occasion made some correct points; one of which is ones individual secession from the occupiers. While the LOS organization is “Johnny come lately” to the party; this individual secession is what your Interim government for the Confederate States of America, have always advocated.
The LOS organization rejects our ancestors government, falling victim to concerns over their image, as they are ignorant to the importance of documentation and the restoration itself, being concerned as a teenage child who bows to peer pressure in order to “save face”. Such is why they have abandoned our CSA flag, in favor of that silly invention they call…”The Southern Nationalist flag” or symbol.

This individual secession begins with State CSA voter registration and “Self authenticated documentation” and “Self authorized documentation”.
Two questions to be answered….

(1) What is self authenticated / Self authorized Documentation?

(2) What is the purpose of self authenticated / self authorized documentation?

We will address only the first question here.

What is self authenticated / Self authorized Documentation?

Under Rule 902(a) of the Federal Rules of Evidence, an exception exists for a select group of documents where no authentication is required in order for the document to be admissible as evidence.
According to the law of evidence in the United States self authenticating documents are that which can be admitted into evidence at a trial without proof being submitted to support the claim that the document is what it appears to be. In short, these are documents those which do not require outside evidence of authenticity in order to be admitted in evidence. Several categories of documents are deemed to be self-authenticating. Certified copy of public or business records, official publications of government agencies, newspaper articles, trade inscriptions, such as labels on products are few examples of self authenticating documents.
Self Authenticated documents are, for example….
…..Laws of foreign nations…..
Our CSA Constitution is a document of laws of a foreign nation to the U.S. as our each State within our Southern Confederacy under occupation is a foreign nation to the U.S.
…..Items under official governmental seal…….
Your State CSA Citizenship/voter registration certificate is a document under official CSA governmental seal.
…..Facts that are not subject to dispute……
Each of our Southern Confederate States seceded from the union in the years of 1860, and 1861, THIS FACT IS NOT SUBJECT TO DISPUTE, as each Southern State produced an ordinance of secession, which was/is a FACT NOT SUBJECT TO DISPUTE.
Why is such documentation important?
Such is an important step toward self secession, via mentally untangling ones self from the mental occupation from birth to date via indoctrination.
Such documentation is a legal tool as well, as leading one to self secession.
We will end here, and pick up later, as to much information in such matters tend to cause information overload, and there is much more information on this matter to be presented, along with an example of a self authenticated/authorized document that may be used as an example, to be carried.

James Everett, Sui Juris….

This work is provided for educational discussion of great historical & contemporary importance.

Nothing set forth herein is intended to be legal advice rather these facts are distributed solely for purposes of public information from and to Confederate State Citizens.

We encourage dialogue regarding contents & purposes of this work but will not engage in Argumentative or Conjectural positions. However, any Fact or Proof
in rebuttal of this information is encouraged through analytical, logical, investigative, methodical, reasoned, fair & rational debate

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9 Responses to “The Importance of Self Authinticated,Authorized Documentation”

  1. Adrian G. says:

    Well written Mr Everett. It’s an indisputable fact that these States have already made legal declarations of secession from the US, from 1860 – 1861, a fact accomplished: Therefore today our ONLY LEGAL VENUE is liberation of the CSA. In other words, we must understand our occupied condition, and stop looking to the yankees stars and stripes as our freedom, and we must we must work to end the occupation.
    Also Mr Everett, I asked a question in the last article of this website, I’m going to ask again here, since I have so far yet to receive a response: Are all donations that are sent to this website going to be used for the restoration and liberation of the CSA? I know it says in the introduction that the Government “Has no budget and solicits no funding”, HOWEVER it later goes on to talk about how there’s also a part of the introduction that tells of how there will be costs, which will be played for by the assembled Citizens and others. So what I don’t understand is;If the Government Has no budget and solicits no funding, how can there be costs? Will all the donations that are sent to this website going to be used for the restoration and liberation of the CSA? I don’t mean to be an inconvenience,but I would like a response before I donate.

    As for Confederate State Citizenship, I have to be 18, I turn 18 this year, I’ll be signing up immediately.
    PLEASE answer me on if all donations WILL BE USED for Confederate Liberation. Thank you. Blessed be our just cause of Confederate Liberation.

    • james says:

      Mr. Davis,
      The registrars are all volunteers. Mr Ray, was no longer able to volunteer his time, he was replaced by Mr. Wenn, who has since also resigned, leaving Louisiana currently without a volunteer to operate a State registration dept. Therefore until such time as a new volunteer steps forward, The central registration office is filling the Louisiana registration responsibilities.
      Concerning funding…..
      I apologize for the confusion. What was, or is intended to be conveyed is that The Interim government solicits, nor accept funding. It must be understood that, as you may know, our CSA constitution, nor government were ever surrendered, nor has a peace treaty between the CSA and the USA ever been concluded. What actually occurred, is that our CSA constitution, governments both Central and State, were in reality forced into exile, our officials required under martial law, and military occupation to take an oath of loyalty to the union, or be arrested, upon refusal were arrested and replaced with unelected U.S. appointees.
      The point is that our CSA government was forced into a state of exile, where it has remained for 150 years and counting, therefore the CSA government as a governmental body is as a result of the secessions and forced exile existing outside the jurisdiction of the occupying government, while we as individuals are under the occupying governments jurisdiction.
      Under this complicated situation our CSA interim government must operate outside of the occupying governments jurisdiction, hence no funding may be collected, as to do so would place the interim government activity within the jurisdiction of the occupying government, as a result of collecting funding, requiring registration with the occupying governments IRS collection agency, as a for profit, NON-profit, or NOT for profit. To collect funding and NOT register would place the individual (who does exists within the occupiers jurisdiction)in jeopardy of arrest for “Tax evasion” (Refusal to register and pay tribute).
      So, that leaves us with this option…..
      Each volunteer must fund as an individual the needs. This may be accomplished, for example, say, the Louisiana registration dept needed X amount of “federal reserve notes” to purchase an object for use in the registration office, then the volunteer would request from the citizenry, money orders to be made out payable to the company from which the item is being purchased. In this manner, no funding is collected other than by the company to which that money order is specifically made out to from which the item is being purchased. This is a complicated but necessary procedure.

      • Adrian G. says:

        Thanks for responding. Now that I understand the CSAgov cannot accept funding, I have a question regarding the restoration process, actually two now, here it goes; 1 if the CSA has no budget how can the CSA afford Citizenship Affirmation Certificates, and 2, does there gotta be CSA State registered Citizens signed up in each COUNTY/PARISH OF each State/County, just in order to start the elections? I’m sure we’d have to have Citizens in each quarter of each Confederate State, but my question is does it gotta be each COUNTY/PARISH as well.
        I’ll be promoting this website.
        Thanks again.

        • Adrian G. says:

          *I accidentally typed “State/County”, I know a State is defined as a Nation. My bad.

          • Adrian G. says:

            3rd response. I mixed up my words a little bit in my previous responses so I’m going to try to be clear. What I don’t know is do we need Citizens signed up in each COUNTY/PARISH OF each Confederate State, just to start the elections? I accidentally said of each State/County previously, but I know a State is defined as a Nation. Also, It looks like what you said is the Citizenship registration department needs their own budget separate from the CSA to help the CSA affirm the State Citizens. I think I see what’s going on in that area.

          • Adrian G. says:

            Mr Everett,
            Do their gotta be Citizens signed up in each COUNTY/PARISH OF each Confederate State as well, just in order to start the elections? Like how many Citizens are we going to need spread out in each Confederate State, so we can start the CSA elections? I’ll be promoting this website. Thanks.

      • Joel A. Rogers Sr. says:

        I am Officially Volunteering my time and personal funds to Represent the great state of Louisiana, I have the neccesary items to also be a registrar.

  2. victor hawkins says:

    i am a descendant of a.p.hill and the native Americans and i believe in the freedoms of both,i will stand with my brothers till the end

    • Adrian G says:

      Hi Victor did you register as a Confederate State Citizen yet? Citizenship Registration is on THIS WEBSITE, This website CSAgov. org Thanks for your support to the Confederacy!!!!!!!!!

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