Central Affirmation/Registration Office

The Central Affirmation/Registration office for The Confederate States of America has been relocated from the Watertown Tennessee address to…….
The Confederate States of America
Central Affirmation/Registration office
PO Box 534
Nashville Tennessee 37076



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  1. Gentalmen, I for one and others are sure are fed up with the Yankee occupation of our Confederacy. We must gain a Army once again and be rebellious, While our Fore Fathers are flipping in their graves we just sit back while we get destroyed, Civil War 2 is here and we can no longer avoid the fight for Freedom…..

    • Adrian G. says:

      Casey Sherwood,
      If you were familiar with this website you would probably know that we are NOT working towards more war and bloodshed. Ours is a peaceful restoration effort to get the CSA liberated.
      You seem to think the war of 1861 has already ended by your use of the phrase “War #2″;
      In order for a war to formally end there must either be a formal surrender of the GOVERNMENT (The authority to surrender GOVTS rests ALONE in a Govt Official.) Or a Peace Treaty must be concluded to formally end there war (which can only be signed by the GOVTS at war)
      It is VERY important for all of the Confederacys supporters to know and understand this fact – after our ARMIES had surrendered, the war had STILL so far NOT came to a formal end just yet – hence the legality of the Confederate Liberation Movement.
      Also there is NO REBELLION on our part.
      You have chosen the false term for our war of independence “Civil war” a civil war implies both sides fighting for control of both sides – what Confederates fought for was the CONSTITUTIONAL and LEGAL right of secession – hence nothing revolutionary about it.
      So about the phrase “Civil war” such miswording is part of the cover-up of Lincolns rebellion which subjugated and subdued the Founders federal system, in which Citizenship was by STATE. US Citizenships first year of existence was 1868, with the 14th Amendment, but under the Founders system Citizenship was by STATE.

      This website offers our ONLY LEGAL SOLUTION. SO I hope you are signed up on this website as a Confederate State Citizen.
      We need enough Citizens signed up to start our elections, reseat the CSA Government and the State Governments, then we will work from there towards peaceful liberation.

      • Adrian G. says:

        Also Mr Casey Sherwood, I agree with you. Just NOT about your war speech. Going to war MUST be a last resort, otherwise we come out looking like the aggressors. Our recognition of the fact that the war of 1861 has entered a COLD WAR STATUS in 1865 is important – it implies that we can achieve our independence through peaceful liberation. We must try the peaceful way first. I just wanted to clarify these important things.

  2. Adrian G. says:

    The full introduction to this website gave me mixed signals about donating. It says “Does not have a budget and solicits no funding.”
    Later it goes on to tell me of how there will be costs, and will be played for by the CSA State registered Citizens. So does that mean if I send a donation to help restore the CSA, it will be used for that purpose? The reason I thought this was with the statement of “has no budget, and solicits no funding.” But what about the costs of restoring the CSA,which I am ready to help with only what I can. But I would first like a response somebody could tell me if all donations WILL BE USED for the restoration and liberation of the CSA.
    - a Confederate liberation supporter from Louisiana.

  3. Danny says:

    The south shall rise again

    • Adrian G. says:

      Hi Danny, are you signed up as a Confederate State Citizen? We need the Citizens signed up on this website to start the elections to reseat the Confederate GOVERNMENT and Confederate State Governments, and liberate these States once and for all! CSAgov. Org – that’s THIS website. Bright Blessings to my Confederate brothers and sisters.

  4. Stan Barneycastle says:

    What must be done to be affirmed?
    1. What is fee ?
    2. What are examples of what is accepted as proof ?

    • james says:

      Mr. Barneycastle.
      There is no fee.
      All that is needed is proof of residency. A copy of your Drivers license will suffice…….
      (Please black our your D/L number).
      If a Drivers license is not obtainable, a copy of your Birth Certificate will be fine.

  5. Stan Barneycastle says:

    A follow up is I’ve seen the application but,I do not have acceds to a printer. I was born in Savannah,Georgia in 1955
    I have some roster records of ancestors that served in th confederate army. If I can find it I could photo and email my birth certificate and whatever else u need.

  6. Adrian G. says:

    Hi Mr Everett, I have several questions, 1, What ever happened to Claude Ray, I mean is he still a register for Louisiana?
    It says earlier on this website that Louisiana has come further along, but on the CSA registration certificate it doesn’t have a Louisiana address (Louisianians are still sending their Citizenship applications to Tennessee.
    So what happened with Louisiana’s restoration process between then and now? My other question was already asked, regarding the part of the introduction that says the CSA has no budget and solicits no funding but later says that all costs will be paid for by the assembled Citizens and others.
    Blessed be!!!

  7. james says:

    Mr. Davis,
    The registrars are all volunteers. Mr Ray, was no longer able to volunteer his time, he was replaced by Mr. Wenn, who has since also resigned, leaving Louisiana currently without a volunteer to operate a State registration dept. Therefore until such time as a new volunteer steps forward, The central registration office is filling the Louisiana registration responsibilities.
    Concerning funding…..
    I apologize for the confusion. What was, or is intended to be conveyed is that The Interim government solicits, nor accept funding. It must be understood that, as you may know, our CSA constitution, nor government were ever surrendered, nor has a peace treaty between the CSA and the USA ever been concluded. What actually occurred, is that our CSA constitution, governments both Central and State, were in reality forced into exile, our officials required under martial law, and military occupation to take an oath of loyalty to the union, or be arrested, upon refusal were arrested and replaced with unelected U.S. appointees.
    The point is that our CSA government was forced into a state of exile, where it has remained for 150 years and counting, therefore the CSA government as a governmental body is as a result of the secessions and forced exile existing outside the jurisdiction of the occupying government, while we as individuals are under the occupying governments jurisdiction.
    Under this complicated situation our CSA interim government must operate outside of the occupying governments jurisdiction, hence no funding may be collected, as to do so would place the interim government activity within the jurisdiction of the occupying government, as a result of collecting funding, requiring registration with the occupying governments IRS collection agency, as a for profit, NON-profit, or NOT for profit. To collect funding and NOT register would place the individual (who does exists within the occupiers jurisdiction)in jeopardy of arrest for “Tax evasion” (Refusal to register and pay tribute).
    So, that leaves us with this option…..
    Each volunteer must fund as an individual the needs. This may be accomplished, for example, say, the Louisiana registration dept needed X amount of “federal reserve notes” to purchase an object for use in the registration office, then the volunteer would request from the citizenry, money orders to be made out payable to the company from which the item is being purchased. In this manner, no funding is collected other than by the company to which that money order is specifically made out to from which the item is being purchased. This is a complicated but necessary procedure.

  8. Mr. Tracy L. Painter says:

    I am interested in setting up a registration office, and associated CSA Governmental structure in South Carolina. I have the documentation ready, and am sending it in in a day or so. The only way that the efforts to end the occupation will ever succeed is if the citizens of the Confederacy become aware, and take an active part in the movement. I have read you legal arguments, and can find no fault with them What I am pushing for in South Carolina is an active movement.

  9. james says:

    Thank you Sir.
    I look forward to assisting you, and the citizens of South Carolina in any way I can.
    Volunteers, and citizen participant, activists are what are needed at this point in the cause.

  10. I was born in raised in Montgomery Alabama. What I am seeing going on in the world right now, is unlike any I have seen in my entire 48 years. Something has to give, some type of action, but must be done in a peaceful manner- may God Bless America as she needs is right now.

  11. Chrid says:

    September 13 2015 the US Dollar will collapse according the Harbinger based on historical economic facts every 7 years SO What does the CSA have in place to redeem the economy at least within the borders of the Confederacy?
    What about Military support from the National Guard by Confederate States Governors such as Rock Perry

  12. Joel A. Rogers Sr. says:

    I volunteer my time and money to be State Registrar for Louisiana, I have ordered the stamp and in next few days will have p.o. box.

    Thank You,

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