Knowing the TRUTH

When I hear someone make reference to the “Federal government” in terms of its existence today, I immediately know that they are ignorant of the system of government that is in power, and do not understand the very foundations of any of the constitutional systems that have existed since 1781.
If one understands the 1787/1789 U.S. CONstitution, then one can begin to understand that those who advocated it were proponents of a NATIONAL government system, the BIG government that exists today was just what they advocated.
Those sly foxes, James Madison, and his conspirators clearly intentionally shrived to mislead the people mixing terms to their advantage: one of which was the by misleading the public by laying claim to the title of “Federalists” when in truth they and the other “Rats”, (ratifiers) were NATIONALISTS.
One clear example is the mixing of the terms “Republic” and “Confederate Republic” as if they are one and the same.
James Madison, and his conspirators did entwine truth as necessary to the Nationalists advantage in misleading however. Little has changed since James Madison’s time in using double talk to mislead, we see such today with the use of the term “Federal government” as if such actually exists today.
One such example is found here in one of James Madison’s conspirators, Alexander Hamilton in his own words states….

“The proposed Constitution, so far from implying an abolition of the State Governments, makes them constituent parts of the national sovereignty by ALLOWING them a direct representation in the Senate, and leaves in their possession certain exclusive and very important portions of sovereign power. THIS FULLY CORRESPONDS, IN EVERY RATIONAL IMPORT OF THE TERMS, WITH THE IDEA OF A FOEDERAL GOVERNMENT.”

For a “Federal government”, “federalism” to exist, there must first exist a federal system. NO SUCH SYSTEM EXISTS TODAY.
James Madison, and his conspirators wanted the wholly NATIONAL system which exists today in the occupying government but were forced to compromise and settle for a partially federal system and a partially national system combined.

The federal portion of the system was just explained in Alexander Hamilton’s own words.

He stated that the DIRECT representation that the STATE GOVERNMENTS had in the Senate corresponds in every rational import of the terms, with the idea of a FOEDERAL GOVERNMENT.
in other words prior to the 17th amendment to the occupying governments CONstitution a FEDERAL system existed in opposition to and as a check against a wholly NATIONAL system. Prior to the 17th amendment, the State governments appointed their representatives (Their SENATORS) to represent their State government within the central body, THIS WAS THE FEDERAL PORTION OF THE 1787/1789 U.S. CONstitution. Without the State legislatures appointing two Senators to represent their State government within the central body, there can be no federal system, NO CONFEDERACY of States, NO union of States.
The Senators are now elected by the people, NOT appointed by the State legislatures to represent their State government, hence the Senators no longer represent their State government, but instead represent the party to which they are affiliated, that being either Democrat or Republican. The State governments have no part in a union/confederacy between themselves hence NO union of States, NO confederacy of States, NO FEDERAL SYSTEM exists. The State governments must be participants in a union between themselves, yet they have no part in the central body, hence it is a NATIONAL government system, and a consolidation of the States.
Last, Madison stated that……
That the senate (as it originally existed via State legislature appointments) was recommended by the double advantage of a select appointment by the State GOVERNMENTS of two representatives establishing an agency to secure the AUTHORITY of the States in the system.
Without this appointment by each States legislature/government, their can be NO union, no confederacy of States, and NO FEDERAL SYSTEM.
By, James Everett….
All rights reserved without prejudice

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  1. Adrian G. says:

    Thank you, this is a great Article.

  2. Chris Logan says:

    It has been recently prophesied the imminent collapse of the USA could be on us as early as September of this year 2015 ..a shemita year.
    Will the CSA Government step in and take control over the states within her jurisdiction, including the national guard troops and other installations, and install a legitimate currency as the dollar is soon to collapse as well
    to avoid anarchy, this move needs to be planned now

  3. Trevor Boley says:

    I understand,agree, and strongly believe in everything the Confederacy stands for I always have. I am ready to do my part in spreading the truth about the cause and ready for any action when orders are carried out I’m with you I am apart of this. From the great state of Missouri ready to do whatever is needed. How can I get deeper involved?

    • Adrian G. says:

      Hi Trevor, you asked for ways to get deeper involved, I’m going to start off with the basics and say that if you haven’t already, you should first affirm your Confederate State citizenship on THIS very website (I actually thought you may already have done so, but I had to mention that’s the first step just incase.)
      We want to hold elections to reseat the CSA Federal and State Governments, but of course we need the Citizens to vote.
      You could go out passing out the Citizenship Applications, along with a copy of this website name so they know where to get more printed. That would be helpful. I’m going to tell you about my organization for one reason only – so you know who I am in order that you can look into meeting me for the purpose of promoting THIS Confederate Liberation Movement.
      I don’t want to make it look like the Govt endorses my organization – I’m well aware that it says on the website introduction that ALL organizations and businesses are appreciated for their efforts to restore the Confederacy and that Government CANNOT endorse my or anybody’s organization HOWEVER ORGANIZATIONS CAN endorse GOVTS – My organization, the CCLPO, is all about promoting the restoration efforts from THIS website.
      I founded Citizens for Confederate Liberation Political Organizations – CCLPO last year – ALL we are out to do is ensure the success of this Confederate Liberation Movement. That is why I do not accept members who have not first registered as Citizens on THIS website unless they are inelligible. I’m sorry if I offended you, I am only trying to do the same thing your comment says you are out to do – and that is making sure that the future of our Confederacy is bright.

  4. Jacob brown says:

    If the united states of america does collapse like many are saying how will y’all respond to the crisis? Will y’all step in, and also on a nother note,what is y’all take on the united States taking the confederate flag off of southern state grounds?

  5. billyjoe dawkins says:

    If you can an how could u sign up for CSA army just wondering if u can I’m down

    • Adrian G. says:

      BillyJoe Dawkins,
      First, are you signed up as a CSA State Citizen on THIS website? Second, I don’t know of a Confederate Army, that’s because we’re trying to get the CSA liberated by peaceful means. We’ll need an Army after liberation though, obviously. Just trying to help. :) :)

    • Adrian G. says:

      BillyJoe Dawkins,
      First, are you signed up as a CSA State Citizen on THIS website? Second, I don’t know of a Confederate Army, that’s because we’re trying to get the CSA liberated by peaceful means. We’ll need an Army after liberation though, obviously. Just trying to help. :) :)

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