Your Help Needed

I have began contacting all who are in someway connected to the Confederate States of America in one way or another to ask a few questions, and to try and begin a network of communication between all within their respective Confederate State, so that they may consider establishing a small Confederate body politic within their respective Confederate State. This is a simple effort and requires little on the part of each individual who consider themselves Confederate Americans, and who desire to seek redress…..

(TO RIGHT A WRONG),and to restore the Founders’ ideal (A Confederated Republic of Sovereign States, united under the common cause of protecting Gods gift of individual Liberty). In its beginning the process is simple and requires no monumental task to any individual. The first step is to establish an official line of communication within each Southern Confederate State; this can be a simple Face book page or website, titled, for example…”The Interim government for The Confederate State of Alabama”, or “The Provisional government for The Confederate State of South Carolina”, ETC….. A link from the Website may then be established to each respective Confederate State page.


If one thinks that it may be possible to work within the current occupying governments political system, be it Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, Green, or any other, one need only look back over the past one hundred and fifty years to see the futility of that hope.

Please take a moment to read the Tennessee Plan under the Restoration located on the sidebar menu, or the simplified version posted on the News, Articles, and Events page.

God Bless you all, and may Gods gift of Liberty prevail.

James Everett….

8 Responses to “Your Help Needed”

  1. nathan flory says:

    What about California?

  2. james says:

    There is nothing to prevent any State from modifying the Tennessee Plan and the Self evident truths stated in our Declaration of Independence to conform with their State and restoring the Founders’ intent. Unfortunately California was not a State within our 1861 Confederacy, but that does not mean that the people of California cannot alter their government as it is a right of the people.

  3. josephine says:

    The Tennessee Plan was well written and seemed to cover the beliefs of the Founding Fathers, and the way would have expected Our Country to be ruled. That is, by the people, not some out of control corrupt, monstrosity which is what today’s American government appears to be. My great-grandfather and all his brothers were proud Confederate soldiers out of Wilkes, Georgia. I think they would be pleased!

  4. Matt Scott Wood says:

    Thank you for not voting!

    • james says:

      Mr. Wood, You are welcome. Our purpose is to establish our own Southern Confederate political venue, in order that we may restore the founders’ intent for a Confederated Republic.

  5. Rich B says:

    Re-instate the volunteer Registrar program (Voters Registration Drive) in each of the Southern States starting at the County/Parrish level.

    They shall, in turn, take applications, evaluate them, and, where applicants are deemed eligible from their applications and papers, submit their applications to the County Registrar.

    The applicant for example; would provide to the County Registrar proof of photo I.D., or birth certificate, and proof of residency something like current to last 6 months utility bill.

    The Registrar would then sign some kind of an affidavit stating that they (the registrar) were witness to the documents provided by the applicant. The affidavit would then be submitted to the Central Registrar along with the citizenship application. NO COPIES of the applicants information should ever be made (ie birth certificate, photo I.D., etc.)due to privacy concerns.

    Once an applicant receives their CSA citizenship certificate, they then can use that certificate as proof to vote in CSA elections. Each registered CSA voter could then vote for someone to represent their State or even in their County, starting a small CSA body-politic.

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