Who are the Traitors?

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Who are the Traitors

6 Responses to “Who are the Traitors?”

  1. Jimmie Ray Davis says:

    I do not know who the Traitor are ?
    God Bless the Confederate States of America ! [ >< ]

    • Bulldog says:

      They currently occupy Capitol Hill and the White House.
      The traitors are all in DC who vote on illegal laws and continue to allow the executive branch to decimate the Constitution and our Bill of Rights

      • Jimmie Ray Davis says:

        Thank You, for: this Explanation !
        I Believe that Secession is the only way & the
        Confederate States of America Is, (My Country).
        Jimmie Ray Davis (AR-SBN-1) My Citizenship#

  2. Nicholas says:

    The Confederates were the traitors. Luckily my southern unionist ancestors fought tooth and nail to restore this land back to The UNITED States of America.

  3. Matt Scott Wood says:

    It’s too bad they took our slaves when they beat us into submission. I wonder if Jefferson Davis actually won his argument earlier and armed the slaves and put them to the front line, if it could have been the push we needed. Then again, there’s a pretty good chance the slaves would have turned their guns on us.

  4. james says:

    Mr. Wood, Why do you try to give the impression that you are a supporter of our cause, when in fact you reside in Massachusetts? As you know, from the many debates that we have held, that your U.S. History holds a more evil past than does our 1861 Confederacy, you are also aware that our goal is to use our 1861 Confederacy as a means to restore the founders’ intent for a Confederacy of States with a wholly federal system as opposed to your wholly national government system.

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