The Restoration of our Confederacy

The Restoration of our Confederacy.

Is it really what you think?

By James Everett, Sui Juris

The first thing to understand is that restoring our 1861 Confederacy is simply a legal means, (a Path) in which to restore the Founders Republic, (A Confederacy of States). The restored 1861 Confederacy under the 1861 Confederate constitution would only be restored in that form for a short time, only long enough for the re-seated Senate to review, and ratify the already prepared revisions which will take our restored Confederacy of States back to what the Founders had intended; hopefully giving us a government somewhere between the Articles of Confederation and the 1787 Constitution.

What makes this a legal remedy?

The answer to this lies in our history;

First, Our 1861 Confederate government was never surrendered nor was ever a peace treaty signed between our Confederate government and the foreign National Democracy government that invaded our Confederate States.

Second, Let us examine a few simple facts……

For the Founders Confederated Republican form of government to exist, requires the participation of two or more States.

The Founders established a “Confederacy of States under the Articles of Confederation”.

Article I.The Stile of this Confederacy shall be the United States of America“.

The Preamble to the 1787 Constitution reads….

We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union“.

Note the words, “MORE PERFECT UNION”; this recognizes the pre-existence of a union,


Now it is also important to understand that, for a State to exist requires SOVEREIGNTY, If sovereignty is denied, the State ceases to exist, thus falling under the dominion of the entity that denied its sovereignty. This former State, or in our instance (Former States), is/are, reduced to the status of a… Province/province’s of the dominant entity. A province is an administrative district.  If a State is denied the power to sever its ties with any union, or compact that it may have entered, it has then lost its sovereignty and its existence as a State.

All of the States when denied this power, ceased to exist, therefore we live in an illusion that the States still exist, when in fact, they have been reduced to the subservient status of provinces. We call them States, but they are in fact, no longer States.  A State is a Nation, a Nation is a State. Take the current situation concerning Palestine, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to ask U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to present a Palestinian request for Statehood recognition to the U.N. Security Council. The Palestinians are requesting to be recognized as a State, a Nation, a Sovereign, an independent.

If one visits the United Nations website what one will find listed are member States, NOT member Nations; because a Nation is a State, a State is a Nation.

The union of States established by the Founders was a United Nations; each State was a Sovereign, a Nation, and a State.

During the 1787 constitutional debates Gunning Bedford made this statement…

“That all the States at present are equally sovereign and independent has been asserted from every quarter of this house. Our deliberations here are a confirmation of the position:”

Absent the existence of States, the republic that was established by the Founders, and then made “more perfect” by the “Framers”, NO LONGER EXISTS, creating in the place of the Republic; a NATIONAL DEMOCRACY.

Third. If we simply look at our history right here in Tennessee we can see how what was done during reconstruction was clearly illegal and Contrary to a Republican form of government.

Article 4. Section 4. Of the 1787 U.S. Constitution states………

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a republican form of government and shall protect each of them from invasion“

Luther V. Borden 1849…….

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a republican form of government and shall protect each of them from invasion“.

If the States have been denied SOVERIENTY, then they have ceased to exist as States, and if they were denied the authority granted them by their citizens to sever their ties with the central government, by the central government, which at that time existed under the 1787 Constitution, then the central government at that point became a tyranny, a National government, a Consolidated government, thus without the existence of the States then a republican form of government cannot possibly exist.
Article 4. Section 4. Of the 1787 U.S. Constitution has then been violated thus denying us the Republic that the Founders established.

Under these circumstances, everything that has occurred since 1865 is the result of illegal actions, thus is poison fruit derived thereof. Holding to the claim, that we exist as an occupied Confederacy of States; occupied by a foreign government, the foreign governments National debt does not belong to us, and is not a burden upon our posterity once we achieve an end to the occupation. Once the occupation has ended we are not bound by anything that has occurred since 1865 unless we introduce them to our Constitution. Imagine, no 16th, or 17th amendment, No Federal Reserve, no attacks on your Religious Freedom, or your “RIGHT to keep and bear arms” and on and on.

As stated; Our 1861 Constitution will only exist, as a restored government, long enough for the re-seated Senate to review and ratify the already prepared revisions that will re-establish the republic of the Founders.

The members who comprised The Continental Congress were appointed by each of the States to represent them, therefore we have a precedent that has already been set, and also under our 1861 Confederate Constitution, the Senators are appointed by each State, to represent it. Once enough registered citizens have been gained in order to hold State elections, each State may choose its representatives for the constitutional convention in which the 1861 Confederate States Constitution will be laid to rest upon the Congress ratification of The Constitutional courts suggested revisions. From that point the Congress will continue representing the States and the People under a government that more resembles the Founders intent, which was a Republic, NOT a National Democracy.

There are those who advocate “Nullification”

There are those who advocate “Secession”

There are those who advocate using the Scottish Parliament

Then there are those Tea Party Republicans, who advocate using the current National Democracy political system to return to the 1787 Constitutional system.

Nullification is not possible in a National Democracy system; while it may have been at the time of the Kentucky, and Virginia resolutions of 1798, that was before the States were destroyed and replaced with Provinces of the National government of today; The use of Nullification has long been lost along with the existence of the States.

Secession is not only no longer possible under the National Democracy system, but the National Democracy courts have ruled it illegal in the case of Texas v White. Secession is one of the cornerstones of our position concerning Restoration of our De jure Confederate government. Secession is NO longer necessary as Secession has already been accomplished by each our Confederated States when, like Nullification Secession was still possible, under a Republic/ Confederation of States that still existed under the dying 1787 constitution.

The Scottish Parliament System This is much the same as the 10th amendment Nullification movement, in which the Confederate States would remain connected to the National democracy government, continuing the current occupation in which the States no longer exist being replaced by provinces of the National Democracy Empire. The Confederate States are not a southern region of the National Democracy Empire, They are each Sovereign and Independent States, joined together in a Confederacy, creating a Republic, just as the Founders established. Scotland is not a Confederacy of States, but a Province of the U.K.  Under a Scottish Parliament System the Confederate States would be represented by a single body, just as in a National government, NOT as the Founders intended, which was a representative Republic of Sovereign States. This will not settle the issue of restoring our De jure Confederate government, leaving open what Jefferson Davis stated….

“A question settled by violence, or in disregard of law,

Must remain unsettled forever.”

The Republican Tea Party movement This involves participation within the National Democracy Political system.  These “conservatives” are misguided from the start in that they think that what they have today is actually a Republic, even when their own representatives continually call it for what it is, a “DEMOCRACY”. They will quote the Founders, the 1787 Constitution’s Framers never realizing that they cannot restore that republic/confederacy of States by voting in, “The Right Conservatives”. Truth be told, they only wish to follow the 1787 constitution to a limited extent anyway, the perpetual warmongering by their government is fine, as long as a Republican is the executive leading the way. Everything that is wrong is the fault of the liberal in their eyes. Christ Jesus asks in Luke 6:42 “Either how canst thou say to thy brother, Brother, let me pull out the mote that is in thine eye, when thou thyself beholdest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to pull out the mote that is in thy brother’s eye.” What those in the Republican Tea Party must begin to understand is that those “Liberals” that they blame, are simply the result of the National democracy system that they themselves follow; they are not its creators, but merely its followers, just as are the “Conservatives”.

August 20, 1865

National Democracy Empire President Andrew Johnson declared an end to the war. The National Democracy Empire maintained a technical “state of war” from May to August to give the President time to put MILITARY GOVERNORS in control of EACH OF THE CONFEDERATE STATES in order to obtain control of our States forcing our De jure confederate States governments into a state of political exile while establishing a De Facto National Democracy government in place of the Founders Republic/Confederacy of States. The Confederate State governments being forced into political exile allowed the Military governors to hold De facto elections in which no former Confederates or confederate sympathizers were allowed to vote, the next step was for the new provincial leaders to call for constitutional conventions to establish new constitutions for the provinces to ensure the domination of the newly established National Democracy empire. One cannot hope to restore that which has been denied them by participating within the very system that was put in place to ensure that they never could.

Become a registered Confederate citizen, contact me at,,  so that you may participate in elections that will restore the Founders Republic.


By, James Everett, Sui Juris………….

All Rights reserved, without prejudice

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  1. Marcus Scott says:

    I wish to thank you for your commitment to our country.I am a ongoing young man that is enjoying the fact that the confederacy still lives on.i know that we will prevail over these tyrants that are controling our lives every day and my heart belongs to the confederacy.LONG LIVE THE CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA

  2. Justin Murphy says:

    The U.S. never signed a peace treaty with our Confederacy because to do so meant they had to recognize us as a separate state. Furthermore our President Jefferson was held for two years in prison to be tried for treason, but never was. I have been told from a few historians that they believe Jefferson was never tried because the US feared that constitutionality of secession would come in to question. So that means the north knew what they did was against their own constitution and swept it under the rug.

  3. Michael C Williams says:

    What is the restoration plan for the state of Virginia?

  4. Adrian G. says:

    Are you signed up yet as a Confederate State Citizen? On this website is the Citizenship Application Part. When there are enough Citizens signed up we’ll be able to start our elections and restaff the Govt posts State AND Federal that were forced into exile under the State Constitutions from prior to 1865 and the 1861 CSA Constitution. Next we will be able to request the US for a Peace Treaty between each of our Confederate States to liberate them from the illegal US occupation.

    From my understanding, it is this same method for every Confederate State. I hope the information I have given you is helpful in our efforts to restore the Confederacy. The CSA is all volunteers until we can hold our elections, but we can’t hold elections until there are enough Citizens. It’s that simple. But when we are able to hold our elections, restaff our both our Federal AND State Governments – then the liberation occurs. Seems simple enough. Again, I hope the information I offer you helps! Blessed be!

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