The Interim Government for The Confederate States of America is pleased to announce that The Confederate State of Georgia has now opened a State registration dept. Beginning immediately all Georgia citizenship Affirmation/Applications are to be sent to…..

ROYSTON GA [30662]
FAX 706-245-0745

All others are to be sent to…..
The Interim Government for The Confederate States of America
Central Registration office
PO Box 101
Watertown TENNESSEE [37184]

8 Responses to “PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT…..”

  1. Rich B says:

    That is great news. Congratulations State of Georgia.

  2. Joshua Gilmer says:

    who is the CSAgov representative for South Carolina

    • james says:

      South Carolina is currently without Representation, as a result of the former representatives move out of that State.

  3. young confederate says:

    that’s great eat this rate the CSA will be free!

  4. Michael says:

    I have a question. Will the Constitution be rewritten, amended or remain as it is when the CSA gain independence?
    Deo Vindice!
    Sic Semper tyrannis!

    • james says:

      The Interim Government for The Confederate States of America, has no authority to change our Constitution: This can only be accomplished by the re-seated Confederate government in following the amendment process as our Constitution currently exists. However the Interim government can and will have suggested revisions prepared for the re-seated government. It is our hope that every candidate who chooses to run for office at that time will take an oath to the citizenry to immediately upon the re-seating of the CSA government to vote in favor of the passage of the proposed amendments. These amendments will have been prepared over time with explanations published explaining the reasons for these suggested revisions so that everyone will have the opportunity to gain clarity and understanding of the system of government that they will be supporting. In my view it should be a simple return to the articles of Confederation and amend them as was the original call for the 1787 convention.

  5. A. Blankenship says:

    Our sovereign governments shall rise from the crumbling smolder of the union’s over-inflated “social policies” and omnibus spending. We needn’t ever fire a musket to be free, my brothers and sisters–we merely must be patient, god-fearing, and penitent. Our beast occupier is soon to choke and die on it’s own pontificating scalawag filth. I vow not to mock our former captors; let us instead each go our separate ways. I wish the atheistic, heavy-government north all the best once out sister republics are once again free to prosper under the Third National. Deo Vindice, God save the South.

  6. Jimmie Ray Davis says:

    My Country tis of thee ! [ >< ]
    Let us forge Ahead for: Southern Freedom.(CSA).

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