It has been brought to the attention of the Interim Government for The Confederate States of America that there is a group, or groups claiming to be the Provisional Government for The Confederate States of America who are advocating violent actions against the occupying government. These individuals are in NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE INTERIM GOVERNMENT FOR THE CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA. This is a false flag operation.
The official position of the Interim Government for The Confederate States of America is as follows…….
The Interim Government for the Confederate States of America does not have a budget and solicits no funding. All government position are held by volunteers, and therefore there are no salaried personnel.
The cost of any necessary needs, which are for the purpose of restoring the C.S.A, will be paid for by the assembled Citizens and others. No debt is allowed. All necessities are to be paid in full and payments are to be made payable to the respective suppliers of said needs.

It is important to note that the Interim Government for the Confederate States of America is an assembly of Citizens from various occupied Confederate States, all with the desire to restore the Confederate States of America in accordance with the constitutions of the several Confederate States and the Constitution of the Confederate States of America.

The Interim Government is not a political party, association, organization or a club, it is an assembly of ” We The People”. The Interim government does not endorse any political parties, candidates or any other organized or well regulated entities. Many of the Confederate Citizens working in the restoration effort are members of differing organizations, The Interim Government does appreciate the efforts of both individuals and organizations in their quest to restore our beloved Confederacy. We regard everyone engaged in the peaceable restoration of the C.S.A as an essential part of the overall effort to restore our Confederacy, and we seek their support.

The government for the Confederate States of America never surrendered to the United States of America and still exist in a state of forced exile. The C.S.A and its Citizens are currently under active occupation by a United States imposed national government system.

The Confederates States and territories occupied by the United States are:
Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina Tennessee, Texas and Virginia ( which includes West Virginia)

The Confederate territory of Arizona, south of the 34th parallel and the former Indian territory of Oklahoma, east of the 100 degree meridian

Citizens registered with the Interim Government for the Confederate States of America can participate in the elections of candidates which will hold offices in the various governments of the several Confederates States and the Interim Government. Citizens living abroad may vote absentee through the State or territory wherein they are registered

Most C.S.A. registered Citizens are considered U.S. citizens by virtue of the occupation, various contracts and the unconstitutional positions held by the District of the United States.

Until a peace treaty is signed by the occupying national government of the U.S. and the Confederate States of America officially ending the occupation, our Citizens are obliged to obey the laws of occupation as set forth by international treaties and the laws of the U.S.
Citizens living within the occupied Confederate States may avail themselves to the assumed jurisdictions of the District and the rights and protections as set forth by the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Interim Government for the Confederate States of America wish to engage the District and the occupational authorities by any and all peaceful means available and only with the desire to end the occupation of the Confederate States of America.

We Pray that our Heavenly Father will shield the innocent from harm’s way and guide the righteous.

God save our Confederacy


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  1. Adrian G. says:

    I seek to clear the air regarding General Goodson of the New Confederate Army. He NEVER claimed to be the Intirim Government, and the New Confederate Army is NOT AN ARMED MILITIA, it is a PEACEFUL POLITICAL ORGANIZATION.

    The NCA knows that the Intirim Government cannot endorse organizations, however, organizations can endorse governments, and the NCA endorses the Intirim Government for the Confederate States of America. Let me repeat, the NCA is a peaceful political organization. IT DOES NOT ENDORSE VIOLENT ACTIONS.

    In the cause of Confederate liberation,
    – Adrian Gustings

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