Confederate Cemetery Illuminated Walking Tour at Mt. Olivet Cemetery

October 13th, Nashville — Confederate Cemetery Illuminated Walking Tour at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, 1101 Lebanon Pike (East of Fesslers Lane]. The dead come alive for a historic graveyard tour of Mt. Olivet Cemetery – the site of over 1500 Confederate graves. Re-enactors in period dress will portray spies, soldiers (from privates to generals) and southern belles of Nashville’s past. Stationed at their burial site they will tell the story of the person who is buried there, reliving the battles and other historical events that took place during their time. Don’t miss this interesting and educational presentation that is sure to appeal to all ages. Admission: $10.00 Adults; $5.00 Children; Under Age 6 Free. Please bring a flashlight and wear walking shoes.Additional Information: 615-780-3598 Presented by: Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #28, a non-profit organization raising money for the erection of historic markers and maintenance of Memorial Hall at Mt. Olivet Cemetery. Tours begin between 4:30  and 8:30 tour intervals about every 15 minutes.

Officers of the Provisional government for The Confederate States of America will be in attendance  and hope to see you there.

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  1. james says:

    I was amazed at the turnout! I expected only a hand full of people but was amazed at the amount of those who attended. So vast was the turnout that we had to park about 3/4th of a mile away and got lost trying to find our car wandering around the cemetery in the dark for about half an hour before we found the car, and I never get lost. I would like to thank the SCV camp #28 for hosting this most educational event. I walked away with an equal sense of pride, anger, and hope for our Confederate Government restoration effort. We must honor our ancestors by continuing their cause, we must restore our government and constitution from forced exile so that we may use it as an avenue to return to the Founders ideal for protection of our Liberty, NOT the perpetual war and imperialism of the occupying government. We must all work together to give our children the Liberty that has been denied us since 1865.
    James Everett…………

  2. Faithful Northerner says:

    I am wondering how you people hoping for Confederate independence will deal with the African Confederate. Obviously, you would have to give him equal rights.

  3. Douglas says:

    Faithful Northerner, For you, believing the propaganda of the government run school system, it would seem to be a difficult problem for us indeed. The truth is, is that it won’t even be the slightest of problems. ALL people in the CSA will have the same rights and responsibilities regardless of race, creed or color. The CSA, despite 150 years of US government brainwashing, was never about racism. That war, for the South, was fought against an invading tyranny. The North England states were the first to seriously consider secession during the 1812 war as secession was always intended to be an unquestionable right of all the States. That was the way Jefferson, Madison, Washington, Franklin and most all the founding fathers wanted it. Slavery is wrong and should have been abolished, but just as 18 other countries was able to, we could have done it by peaceful emancipation. No war was needed for that. No, Lincoln needed the war to consolidate power in Washington D.C. to create the all powerful central government. And now with 150 years to build on that it’s finally grown so big and bloated it is about to fall apart. ObamaCare will be the 10 trillion pound needle that breaks the countries back. No, the CSA is not about racism, but it is about returning our government back to the original intention of why the founding fathers fought a war of independence from England.

  4. Susan Bown says:

    Hi there when is your walking tour for 2015?

  5. vicky says:

    So I tried to call that number to see which date in October the walking tour is, number is disconnected. Any other way to find out the date?


  6. Brent says:

    Is there a walking tour this October 2016?

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