Memorial Day

Just another example of Identity Theft

Memorial day is  a Confederate holiday which began in April 26,1866, also known as Confederate Memorial Day, Confederate Decoration Day, or Confederate Heroes Day. It is a day for Confederates to honour those who died fighting the invasion of our Confederate States by the foreign National government that gained control of the former union to which they had been allied through the former 1787/1789 U.S. Constitution. The 1787/1789 U.S. Constitution had established a partially Federal system of government, and a partially National system, the National system being added to the federal System that existed under the Articles of Confederation. Unfortunately the federal portion of that constitution had lost control to the National portion. The federal portion was the States department, and check against a wholly national system, and to protect the AUTHORITY of the States; this department was the Senate in which each Senator was appointed by each States legislature as their States representative within the central government. The States were quickly losing their authority and sovereignty to this national portion of the central government, and the only way to protect the founders ideal of a confederated republic over the authority of a consolidated national government was to separate from the States that were willing to allow themselves to be consolidated  into a wholly national government system. The issue of Slavery was only one indicator of many that the States had lost their authority and sovereignty, while many have been led to believe that our heroes were fighting to defend the institution of slavery, they were in fact fighting for a much greater cause. The U.S. National government has stolen our identity, fraudulently leading all to believe that their system of government is that of the founders ideal and the framers 1787/1789 U.S. Constitutional system; IT IS NOT!  The Confederate States of America, and its citizens are the true heirs to the founders Republic.

It wasn’t until May 5,1868 that the occupying government through its ongoing identity theft established the current Memorial Day. it was   General John A. Logan, who was the commander in chief of the Union Civil War Veterans Fraternity called the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), launched the Memorial Day holiday that is currently observed in the entire United States. According to General Logan’s wife, he emulated the practices of Confederate Memorial Day. She wrote that Logan “said it was not too late for the Union men of the nation to follow the example of the people of the South in perpetuating the memory of their friends who had died for the cause they thought just and right”.

In May of 1966, President Lyndon Johnson declared Waterloo, New York to be the official birthplace of the observance; just another fraud perpetuated by the occupying national government to steal Confederates identity.

Confederate Memorial days are as follows…….

Texas; January 9

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi; April 26

South Carolina; May 10

Louisiana and Tennessee; June 3.

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  1. God bless my Country: the Confederate States of America.

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