Fly your flag this Sunday!

Fly your flag this Sunday!

As a reminder, the Confederate States Government respectfully and earnestly request that every Southern patriot fly a 3rd National Confederate flag outside their home, business and/or church this and every Sunday.  Thank you and may God bless you, your family and those whom you love as we fight for the independence of our Country.

Deo Vindice!

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  1. Richard Wright says:

    Deo Vindice!

  2. Paul Townsend says:

    Mine is never taken down.

  3. Douglas says:

    Roger that Paul. I have mine proudly flying and will have it up wherever I happen to be.

    • Colonel Lee says:

      The 3rd National Confederate Flag; The Kentucky Orphan’s Brigade Flag, & The Bonnie Blue Flag fly at the front of our home every day, all day long! Amen!

  4. Colonel Lee Hill says:

    The 3rd National Confederate Flag; The Kentucky Confederate Orphan’s Brigade Flag, & The Bonnie Blue Flag fly daily, at the font of our home! Amen!

  5. Anthony Reno says:

    Thanks to a recent wind storm I need a new one, but anyone who lives in my neighborhood knows about my Confederate pride. It was funny as hell when the president of the home owners association came to ask me to take it down and my black roommate opened the door.

  6. Kari says:

    I’m curious. I’ve always maintained that the South had the constitutional right to succeed from the Union. And that the war was more about State Rights than slavery.

    But…… Wasn’t the state right issue the fact that the south did NOT want the government to outlaw slavery and that it was then that separating from the union became an issue great enough for war?

    Also, is it true that the south fired on Ft. Sumter before there were any military strikes from the north? Wouldn’t that mean that the south started the war?

    Again, I have no agenda here, and I’m not trying to be difficult, I’d just like to better understand where you guys are coming from.

    On an aside….. are women allowed to vote in your republic?

    • Dear Miss or Madam:

      To better understand, from at least my personal perspective, the reasons that so many people in the South are in agreement that a confederated republic is a better choice than a nationalist government, I recommend you go to the July archives found on this website and read the article titled, “Why I Am A Confederate”. Thank you for your questions and your interest.


      John Wagner

    • Gov. Kevin Pierce says:

      Kari, The Federals first fired on the State of Missouri. Read up on the Missouri Border Wars.In 1854- 1859, Jackson led a State militia into the Kansas Territory to protect southern rights, as they saw it, and to battle John Brown and his band of killers.( He was later caught and hung in Virginia) Then came the Kansas Red-Legs killing women and children, burning down farms and City attacks.
      In 1860, Jackson campaigned as a Douglas Democrat on a moderate,conciliatory platform,but after his election he immediately began working to engineer Missouri’s secession. On January 4, 1861, two weeks after South
      Carolina secession vote, Jackson took office as governor of Missouri in Jefferson City. In
      his inaugural address, he asked Missouri’s newly elected Twenty-First General
      Assembly to call a state convention to consider secession. At the same time, Jackson had asked Jefferson Davis for more canons. The Confederate Flag ship delivered the canons, and arms to St. Louis for the Missouri State Guard. Well to make a long story short, General Lyon committed treason against the Missouri Government and the Illinois Federals attacked the Armory.

      • Gov. Kevin Pierce says:

        [The 2nd Missouri Crisis and 2nd Missouri Compromise act]Missouri 1820 Constitution. Blacks had rights under Missouri Law. Question ? Are Blacks really free in 2013?
        The general assembly shall have no power to pass laws; First, For the emancipation of slaves without the consent of their owners, or without paying them, before such emancipation, a full equivalent for such slaves so emancipated; and, Second, To prevent bona fide emigrants to this state, or actual settlers therein, from bringing from any of the United States, or from any of their territories, such persons as may there be deemed to be slaves, so long as any persons of the same description are allowed to be held as slaves by the laws of this state.
        They shall have power to pass laws; First, To prohibit the introduction into this state of any slave who may have committed any high crime in any other state or territory; Second, To prohibit the introduction of any slave for the purpose of speculation, or as an article of trade or merchandise; Third, To prohibit the introduction of any slave, or the offspring of any slave, who heretofore may have been or who hereafter may be, imported from any foreign country into the United States, or any territory thereof, in contravention of any existing statute of the United States; and, Fourth, To permit the owners of slaves to emancipate them, saving the rights of creditors, where the person so emancipating will give security that the slave so emancipated shall not become a public charge.
        It shall be their duty, as soon as may be, to pass such laws as may be necessary.
        First, To prevent free negroes and mulattoes from coming to, and settling in, this state, under any pretext whatsoever; and,
        Second, To oblige the owners of slaves to treat them with humanity, and to abstain from all injuries to them extending to life or limb.
        Section 27. In prosecutions for crimes, slaves shall not be deprived of an impartial trial by jury; and a slave convicted of a capital offense shall suffer the same degree of punishment, and no other, that would be inflicted on a free white person for a like offense; and courts of justice before whom slaves shall be tried, shall assign them counsel for their defense.
        Section 28. Any person who shall maliciously deprive of life or dismember a slave, shall suffer such punishment as would be inflicted for the like offense if it were committed on a free white person.

  7. james says:

    I am pleased that you are curious enough to ask questions.
    I as well as many others will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.
    Let me answer your last question first;
    You asked…
    “are women allowed to vote in your republic?”
    Yes indeed women are allowed to vote in our republic, provided, they are registered citizens of The Confederate States of America.
    As to your first question;
    “Wasn’t the state right issue the fact that the south did NOT want the government to outlaw slavery and that it was then that separating from the union became an issue great enough for war?”
    The first thing that you must do, is seperate the States from the region. Each State was a sovereign, and each State left what was being transformed from the founders republic to a wholly national government system, (Each State declared their independence as individual sovereign States); They did not leave as a group, but rather as individual sovereigns; listing their own reasons in their declarations of secession. My home State of Tennessee did not mention slavery as an issue in our declaration, though, I would never claim that slavery was not an issue. Tennessee simply stated….
    “First. We, the people of the State of Tennessee, waiving any expression of opinion as to the abstract doctrine of secession, but asserting the right, as a free and independent people, to alter, reform, or abolish our form of government in such manner as we think proper, ”
    In other words any opinion contrary to the right of a State to exit the “union” was of no matter, Tennessee was declaring her independence and that was that.
    Many States did mention slavery as an issue, yet several other issues for their declarations were mentioned as well.
    The bottom line is this;
    “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”
    The States that declared their independence through their declarations of secession did so as the sovereign States that they had always been, united in a voluntary Confederation. They then united in the continued confederacy under the founders intent. Slavery is a long dead issue, and has no relevance today in our cause to re-establish the founders intent through the restoration of our Confederacy.
    If ending slavery was a justification for the invasion, and occupation, then the reason has been accomplished, so why not end the occupation? Also if Slavery was a justification for the invasion, then what about the U.S. Government inc and its genocide of the Native American Indian after 1865? Was it OK to slaughter Native Americans, and deprive them of their cultural heritage? Are they of no consequence? Are they lesser than the White or Black man?
    Now as for your second question….
    Also, is it true that the south fired on Ft. Sumter before there were any military strikes from the north? Wouldn’t that mean that the south started the war?
    Missouri was where the war actually began sometime before Ft Sumter. I will ask Mr. Kevin Pierce of Missouri to explain this for you asap. Regardless of The beginnings in Missouri, Ft Sumter was a military installation within the boarders of South Carolina, it was a strategic Fort overlooking one of our Confederacy’s most important ports.
    The national government was asked to vacate the Fort, and refused. They were offered safe passage, but instead of vacating the Fort, they were attempting to resupply it, leaving the only alternative of firing on the Fort. The Confederate State of Virginia was invaded at Manassas on July 21, 1861. The war began with the invasion of Virginia, the firing on Fort Sumter was to end the occupation of a fort in the South Carolina harbor by a foreign government.
    All of this being stated; we are not here to rehash that war, our cause is to restore the Founders intent.

  8. obama says:

    racist fags, racist fags everywhere, gotta post this page to 9gag

    • james says:

      You have made a gratuitous assertion, can you point to any facts that there are as you state….
      “racist fags, racist fags everywhere”
      This statement that you have made could be construed as hate speech.
      You will find no racism here. If you wish to spout off such, you should find another venue.

  9. Jack says:

    Mr. “obama” seems to belong to the goup of people who undoubtadly are not willing to research the true facts
    - about the war
    - about our flag
    - about our history
    - about HIS original constitution

    he rather joins the chant of those who prefer to be ignorant to historical facts. And he certainly does not understand that it means HERITAGE NOT HATE. And as it looks, his eloquence is limited to a kind of language that I myself refuse to speak.


  10. Mrs. Kari says:

    Thanks to everyone who answered my questions. I appreciate the explanations and the courtesy in which they were given.

    I’ll continue to research the matter, and will dive into the archives and look into the Missouri thing more closely.

    Again, thank you and God bless!

  11. Douglas says:

    Kari, I hope I’m not too late to join in on answering your questions. The first question is a great one because it allows someone who knows their history (& not the history taught in public school!!)to provide answers that make sense. First of all, the Southern states were under NO pressure from the US government to end slavery. In fact, Congress had passed and supported the Fugitive Slave Act which required non-slave states to return runaway slaves. The year prior to Lincoln taking office as President, there was a bill in Congress that would make permanent the right of States to allow slavery. Lincoln supported this bill and worked toward it’s passage. The South was under no pressure by the US government to free slaves. The abolitionists were the only group who worked for emancipation. So, if the South was not under pressure about slavery, then what? It was economics…tariffs that Lincoln promised to double and triple. The south paid approximately 3/4 of the tariffs but only received 1/4 in government services. There was an effort to raise tariffs in the 1830′s but through nullification the south defeated the effort. That’s why Lincoln in his inaugural address threatened anyone that dared to refuse to collect the higher tariffs. There was also bickering about new territories/states being slave states or free. This had more to do with majorities in Congress and the fact that Lincoln & his ilk didn’t want the “Negros” to spread across America. He wanted a “white” America. And for the second question, it was a strategic manuever by Lincoln to force the South into firing on them. He knew by forcing his resupplies to Fort Sumter, the South would have no choice if they were to be soveriegn. He congratulated the Naval Officer in charge when he returned for “forcing the hand of the South.” No, the propaganda you “learned” in school is not true.

  12. norman kirkland jr says:

    can someone help me find a way to explain this to my frinds they atack me based on my belifes and i would like them to see where i come from please emailreply to

    • james says:

      Mr. Kirkland,
      Just exactly what is it that your friends are saying about what you believe?

    • Dear Mr. Kirkland:

      I offer the following key points that I myself rely upon when explaining why I believe a Confederate government is better than the current national government and what Confederates generally agree upon:

      I am a Confederate because:

      1. I believe that the Christian man and Christian woman’s first duty is to God, that Faith is an integral part of decision-making, family-life, public service and charity toward neighbors and that a Christian nation offers a better future to my children than a government that works so vigorously to separate the two. The national government is, as a matter of policy and law, anti-religious and most especially anti-Christian. The Confederate Government accepts that all basis of law begins with Biblical tradition and moral teaching, then makes provision for free and open religious tolerance.

      2. I believe that human life is precious and of immeasurable value, without any prerequisite as to the circumstance or health into which that child is born. You and I have value simply because we exist and no one should have the privilege of taking that life away before we are born; it is a crime against Heaven. The national government protects with the full force of law and openly encourages the murder of children through abortion today. The Catholic Church openly defies the national government on this issue, as do Islamist and many protestant denominations. The Confederate Government takes the official position that human life is to be respected and safeguarded from the point of conception forward.

      3. I believe that what we earn and work for should belong to us. It is inherently wrong that a man or woman work their entire life, pay off their mortgage and be burdened with paying an unending additional rent to the State in the form of property tax. By default, we never actually ever own our home and the land upon which it sits; the State owns our property. Such a condition is not what the Founders intended and what Patrick Henry cautioned us against. The Confederate Government’s position on taxation excludes taxes upon property, thereby guaranteeing a citizen’s right to their home, land and belonging without fear of government seizure.

      4. I believe that government should be primarily a local affair amongst neighbors in building their communities, that the role of the general government should be external facing and limited to providing a general framework within which its people can peacefully pursue their interest and prosperity. Today’s national government works just the opposite of this idea. It instead decides everything in Washington and applies it to all persons wherever they live, which is Socialism/Communism. By its very design, a confederation is a de-centralized cooperative government based upon a federal system of independent States. This is precisely what the founders gave to the American people and it is precisely what has been lost in the 21st Century. Our task is to regain it.

      5. I believe in the future of our country, a people drawn together by common values providing local solutions to problems and challenges, a land free of intrusive centralized government, burdensome taxes and unjust laws. This point is the summation of everything I’ve written above and, “Yes”, it is a point of faith. Faith in Our Heavenly Father, faith in our neighbors, faith in our future and faith in our own ability to govern ourselves responsibly.

      I hope these points are of some use to you. Please feel free to write me at any time.

      I remain, sir, your obedient servant,

      John Wagner

      • Adrian G. says:

        Those are the very reasons I will be granting my consent to the Confederate States of America instead of the anti Christ empire occupyin us now. I will apply for citizenship in 3 weeks when I have my $50 saved up ( for the voter registration certificate).
        I believe that Christians are Christians when they give there whole to obedience to God. They are not real Christians if all they give lip service but openly support abortion. as 1 website puts it; ABORTION IS BLOODY MURDER! – I’m quoting a website, I don’t remember which one. I was listening to the radio once and it said that the u.s.a national gov. was forcing California to legalize same-sex marriage when California’s citizens were strongly opposed to same-sex marriage. there reason was cause they said it wasn’t up to the State but – in there words – a federal issue. they said that it was civil rights and that the State is not allowed to outlaw same sex marriage. – it surprised me cause same sex marriage is still illegal here in Louisiana. looks like the u.s.a national empire is cherry picking who it chooses to force an abominational law on. Thank God they didn’t yet push it on La YET! it’s just a matter of time. they’re already workin for gun control.
        I would say another reason I’m a Confederate is because I’m Southron. It may sound silly but I take special joy in knowing where I’m from. but My Faith in God is first and is my first reason in being a Confederate.
        Thank you so much Mister John Wagner for your beautiful list of reasons why you are a Confederate :)
        May God Bless you and This Confederacy!
        Deo Vindice! :)

  13. Douglas McCue says:

    I have sent an email that I hope will help you find some answers.

  14. Douglas says:

    Mr. Wagner, your words are truly inspiring. An excellent response to Mr. Kirklands question. I have been thinking lately how unusual it is that it seems all of us who are “driving the cart” here…the movers and shakers that are rebuilding this Confederate government are all on the same page of music. I would have expected some differences of opinion, some serious debate over the direction and focus of our government, but instead what I see and hear are the vibrations of harmony. Some may call it coincidence but I don’t believe in coincidence at all. To me it’s not coincidence but providence. I believe we have all been guided here, to do this work, to restore what was stolen, to right the wrongs, to triumph over evil and the hand that guides us is the Almighty. Thank you Sir for your words and insight. It is truly an honor to serve the Confederacy with you….

  15. Leo says:

    This is a poem I wrote in honor of our Southern Confederacy.

    Dixie, ye glorious

    In a land once glorious, where cotton was king,
    and after him, tobacco the legend,
    of gentlemen, cavaliers and brave men I sing,
    of their lives and gestures I tell the legend,

    life was prosperous, the soil fruitful,
    and though winter hadn’t yet cometh,
    the fields were white, a sight so peaceful,
    Her people, gentle and kind, living with faith,

    then, from the north, their treacherous brothers,
    attempted and sought to destroy,
    coming, the land to defile, hear! thunder mutters
    the liberty and freedom, treasured with blood and toil,

    swiftly acting, their rights to preserve and save,
    men join and rally, brothers together, spread the cry,
    choosing as leaders gentlemen and cavaliers brave,
    forward, marching to glory with gray as their dye,

    the aggression repelled, the enemy running,
    further advancing betrayal to tame
    with courage, bravery and strength under the shelling,
    making a charge that shall earn you eternal fame,

    cutting the enemy almost to a man,
    with blood and thunder you take a stand,
    yet still resist and fight back the treacherous can,
    decided to destroy and burn your land,

    with great sacrifice the soil you defend,
    making ‘em pay every step made,
    yet such great losses the people and land can no longer stand,
    and so, utter pain to prevent , our paladin lays down the blade,

    grief and pain the country pervaded,
    on her flag, the people, swearing to avenge,
    the consequence seeing, regretting the land allowed to be invaded,
    sworn, to free the land another day.

  16. Joseph Porro says:

    Hello again brothers. I would like to bring up and important issue that I think is an important message that we get “out”. I have noticed recently more so than usuall but I have seen so many people that are racist and so many shows about nazi America and so many ignorant people flying our nations flag under the idea of ” white power” and other racist ideologies. I was wondering what we could do as a country to put out to others that our flag is not one of hatred or race. I do what I can every day to promote our flags in black and Hispanic and upper class white areas to spark up a conversation about it so I can get the chance to educate ignorant minds. But what can WE do publicly or nationally?

  17. Adrian G. says:

    My 3rd National Confederate Flag is up and blowin. :)
    I sometimes take it inside if it rains but it’s up everyday not just Sunday.
    also I’m gonna have some applications printed, (like 50) and go on the streets and find people who want to become Confederate citizens.
    I encourage every Southron Patriot to do the same.
    Deo Vindice!
    May God save our beloved Confederacy. God Bless y’all.

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