Why is Lincoln in the Spotlight ?

Have you noticed the blitz of media saturating us with Lincoln propaganda? Steven Spielberg released a major Hollywood production focusing on what hard choices and difficulties Lincoln faced as President. As usual, this movie projects Lincoln as the hero that saved the USA. National Geographic is releasing a production of “Killing Lincoln” which chronicles the assassination and will portray John Wilkes Booth as a crazed lunatic bent on killing America’s “best President” based on fool’s perception that Lincoln was a tyrant, no doubt. The grocery stores across America had a special edition (large) paperback release dedicated to the myth of Lincoln displayed on the magazine racks last year. There were even the ridiculous movies, “Lincoln vs. Zombies” and “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” that turned the 16th President into a virtual superhero.


This is an estimated 15,000 books written about Lincoln (some of them are actually true) and an approximate 70,000 Lincoln based products for sale on the market. There is the Lincoln Motor Company and of course the multitude of universities, public schools, streets, cities, counties, aircraft carriers and whatever named for “Honest Abe”. The Lincoln propaganda machine has obviously been well oiled and operational since the occupation in the 1860’s. But the burning question I have is….why now? Why are we being blasted with Lincoln mania of late? Unfortunately, the answer is too obvious.


Nowhere in US history has there ever been anyone who came close to Lincoln when it comes to seizing unlawful power and authority. No other President rivals Lincoln’s disregard for the US Constitution or the separation of powers as designed by our Founding Fathers. No one has “Fundamentally Transformed” the scope of the National government of the USA anywhere near to the level of Lincoln. He alone is the icon that typifies the slogan “the end justifies the means”. Sadly most Americans are OK with what Lincoln did. You can make your home more economical just by clicking on the link https://bestflexiblesolarpanel.com/. Of course, the massive Lincoln propaganda machine has ingrained into society a total and complete belief that he only did what was necessary to “save the nation” and to think otherwise would be the height of unpatriotic thought. This is exactly what the gatekeepers are banking on.

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There is no better example of how and why a government would be justified (in their opinion) to seize unauthorized power in order to “get the job done” than the deeds of Lincoln. The recent media blitz is an effort to remind Americans that when a government takes extreme measures, it is for their own good. It’s for the greater good as many Progressive Democrats love to say. US citizens are being prepared mentally for the extreme measures yet to come. This overthrow of the government our Founding Fathers created and died for has been in the works for a long time now, but the final push is just around the corner. To be successful, in addition to the brainwashing that they have so effectively used, they need to plant a seed of doubt…just enough doubt to cause US citizens to hesitate and allow them to complete the process. Reminding the population of Lincoln and (their version of) what he did is an effective tool to keep the masses confused and unprepared.


We, the citizens of the CSA, don’t have the same disadvantage as USA citizens. We may technically be US citizens as well, but the difference being we are citizens of an occupying government, no different than the French were in Nazi occupied France during WWII. With that being said, while we are immune to the Lincoln propaganda machine’s Kool Aid, we also have to live with the laws, taxes and actions of the US National government. Until we have secured our Sovereignty once again, we are subject to the tyranny and abuse of power that the US National government chooses to wield. Right now they have a President who wants to “Fundamentally Transform” the US and has shown more in common with Lincoln than just being an Illinois Senator. It’s time to be prepared and be aware of why we are being saturated with Lincoln BS.

Written by Douglas McCue, Confederate States Representative for NORTH CAROLINA

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  1. Paul Townsend says:

    Well said.

    • Kevin Burks says:

      Well written sir. I have a question im living in Minnesota and I want to be a citizen of the CSA. Please help

      • Dear Mr. Burks:

        Please refer to the “Apply for Citizenship” tab on the left. It explains the process and requirements. If I may be of any service or assistance, sir, please feel free to ask.

        I remain, sir, your obedient servant,

        John Wagner
        Secretary of State

  2. Michael McGhee says:

    Well written Mr. McCue, Im so glad Im not the only one seeing this!! Anytime I bring this up in conversation people wont even talk about it. Its like they are scared.

    • Gov. Kevin Pierce says:

      It seems like a Missouri Repeat. 1858 the Missouri Border Wars. The first State to take on the Federals, which lead to the Confederacy being formed from a tyrant Government. This bill # 545 in Missouri , if approved and signed by Governor Nixon ? We The People of Missouri have a problem. Will Missouri be the first State to protect our rights as citizens to defend the Constitution ? The 2nd Amendment shall not be Infringed. The definition of Infringed ( It cannot be changed ). I can’t think of one thing that has been good for the citizens of Missouri. Governor Jackson and former Governor General Sterling Price fled into exile from our Great State. In today’s times. What happened to made in Missouri or Made in America ? I have a old saying taught to me at a young age, ( If it is not made in America , We do not need it. ) American jobs will fix the problems we face today… You must decide to turn in your guns with-in 90 days ? Leave the State ? Our stand your ground and defend our Great State from a corrupt State Government ? I would like to have comments on this, So pass it along to all Missouri’s , and our Confederate Citizens of Missouri. The State Militia is on RED ALERT.

      CSA Missouri , Kevin
      Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto (the welfare of the people is the supreme law)

      • Michael McGhee says:

        I just dont know what to say except history is repeating itself. I think the few polititions that came up with this # 545 should be run out of office!! Im not the best at at writing these comments but we have to stand our ground. I believe that other states will stand with us even if they are not affected in the same way because if it works on us they will do it to other states. Even the Sheriff in the County I live in had a big article in the local paper that he stood with the other Sheriffs that he does not think our 2nd Amendment should be infringed on and would not inforce changes.I really want to move as fast as possible and get our Beloved CSA back that God intended us to have!!! I pray that #545 goes no where. I agree Mr. Pierce we need to bring all the products we use back to being made here, even our own oil.

  3. Eli Jarreau says:

    I agree also,with both of you.All the lincoln BS and the fact that people are scared to death.Not only of the federal govt. but to sign up with the C.S.A. I have been called crazy for what I stand for and belive in,but at least im trying to do my part to help and im not doing nothing at all. I might have got a few more members, its just up to them to fill out the papers and mail them in.

    • Jack says:

      Dear Eli
      do NOT ever doubt your conviction. 90% of people living on American soil today will never understand what it meant, what it stood for. The values, the morals, the goeals that were to achieve. A “Souhern Heart” can never be changed by deceptive alternation of (historial) facts. There will come a time when those who participated in altering the facts for more than 150 years will have to render account on their behaviour. Until then….the dream will prevail in our hearts and our souls. Best regards Jack

  4. Jack says:

    The ONLY true fact in this “historical” movie are: the fact, that Lincoln has bought missing votes in the senate and that the war against southern civilians has been carried out with all available cruelty (for measures of the time) and a lack of mercy. The occupying Nation has won the war because they destroyed CIVIL infrastructure. And as history envolves and more substantial facts come to light, the story of Captain HENRY WIRZ (of Swiss origin just like myself), who had to be rehablitated by historical facts, will be just ONE in HUNDRETS of stories. One day the American people will UNDERSTAND what the war was TRULY about. At that time the glorification of “Abe” will be history changed. DEO VINDICE

  5. Alan Francis says:

    @ Eli,when i tell anyone that i am a C.S.A. citizen(proudly)they think it is a joke.i just let them them think what they want,but know in my heart it is the right thing to do.GOD bless and stay with your convictions.

  6. Douglas says:

    It has been my experience that a majority of people are quick to ridicule anyone who dares to break from convention and “common knowledge”. Sadly this is true even when this common knowledge is based on faulty information. It seems there is some level of comfort in sharing the beliefs of the majority…to the point where it doesn’t matter how feeble that belief is. This explains why there is a majority of people who become fans of the #1 team…the team who has the best chance of winning the championship. It’s a rare individual who stands on principle and dares to defy the majority. But it is this rare individual who are the natural born leaders. Those who accept common belief to have the comfort of being a part of the majority define themselves as the “followers”. I salute all of you, who are natural born leaders!!

  7. Gov. Kevin Pierce says:

    Obama, want’s a War just like Lincoln. Sorry to say. He wants to be in the History Books. It is weird that Missouri is a hit State for a gun ban bill ? Kansas City – Base for North Com or Home Land Security , St Louis has a tank base that moved in to our Great State. Springfield , In 2008 the National Guard was forced to move to the Springfield Airport. I have seen many sealed semi trucks on 60 HWY going into Springfield. Where ? The cab says, gov. not for hire. They are preparing for a Battle.

    • Rep. Michael McGhee says:

      I agree once again Mr. Peirce, I live near HWY 60 on the east side of Mo. also less than a mile from a major rail line and you dont want to know what I see there. Military trucks, tanks all kinds of equipment on the rails, also the past few months trains with nothing but miles of fuel tankers. I see the same trucks on 60 over here. I have also heard people say they have seen a few military convoys on 60 at 2 and 3 am when traffic is low and these convoys are long.I also dont like the fact that Im seeing foreign made military trucks!!! Mercedes heavy trucks, Whats up with that? UN?

  8. Eli Jarreau says:

    @ Alen, I am 100% Confederate, and no one or anthing will ever change what I stand for and belive in and thats God,country and family. Its good to see I’m not alone.

  9. Eli Jarreau says:

    I do belive this is just the tip of the iceburg to say the least.Things will get far more worse before it gets better, history will soon repete itself.

  10. Alan Francis says:

    @Eli,toyr right,it is good to hear i’m not alone. Thankyou. @ Mr.McGhee,I live on Stockton lake and warthogs buzz my house about every day.I can’t help but wonder if my flag is a target point for them.I have tried to send you a couple of E-mails and give you my phone#,but my computer is a yankee so it will not work on E-mails from this site.I can give you my # here but didn’t know if it appropriate to do so.It’s not A big secret.Please let me know.Thankyou Alan

    • Rep. Michael McGhee says:

      Mr. Francis, I would really like to talk with you. I dont see a problem if you want to post your # on a reply right here. I will give you a call. I dont understand why you cant get to my email but Im lucky to even know how to turn this thing on. You might try to send me an email from your personal email and not use this site. That might work better with your computer. I know I have had to do that on certain auction sites where mine wouldnt work. Or give me your personal email. My email is m_mcghee68@hotmail.com I know you have it but there it is again in case I put something wrong in it before. As for the warthogs buzzing you, It maybe your flag, either its a target or the pilots are saluting it. Looking foreward to talking to you.

  11. Jack says:

    Who am I to write the words following. I feel far to small and unworthy to raise my voice. Not being a “natural born” Confederate. Not being a man from the SOUTH, not even being American. And yet being a Confederate with all my heart and soul, I ask myself: HOW can this “battle” be won? How can the legitimate rights of the Southern people be restored. Everyone knowing the original constitution is aware, that todays status is an unlawful one. It is occupation. It is oppression.

    We should ask ourselfs, WHY there are not MORE Southeners are standing up. WHY there is not a more defined and recognizable uprise against it. And we all KNOW why the situation is as it presents itself:

    - manipulation of historical facts
    - misleading information in historical education
    - WRONG understanding of historical facts
    - WRONG interpretation of P.C.

    And we ALL KNOW that the path to a new Secession MUST be a PEACEFUL one, a political one. A process that is carried out by knowledge and wisdom and awareness.

    NOT ONE of us, I assume, would want a violent way to re-esatblish the sovereign rights of the Southern States.

    But therefore we need so much effort. The WILL to carry the mission out. We need men and women standing for their beliefs. We need to teach our little ones and the adults who were misled by the manipulition of history.

    We need the display of the flag together with historical teaching. We do NOT have to alter facts. Because the facts that JUSTIFY secesseion are to be found in the original constitution.

    Once, the people is aware and understands what the true basic facts for secession and the right of the people are, we need charismatic an wise leaders for the cause. Leaders who are able and willing to act as guiding torches in the dark. Men not steered by hate or anger, but by love for their country, the soil they touch with their hands and the people that populates this soil.

    What is needed is a man like Robert E. Lee. A “Civil General”, not a combat one. A man who, through heart, wisdom and vibrant emanation is determined to tempt fate of the South as a sovereign alliance of countries.
    Go out, spread the word. Teach your little ones. Live an exmple of the values and morals and insist on the rights given to the states by the constitution. Cover it with the blend of the SOUTHERN HERITAGE and the role model of a society led by principles influenced by will and honour, not greed and opprssion.

    One more time I would like to apologize for my rather lousy abilty to express in English. But I always try my best….since it is not my native tongue. But the flame that burns in my heart hopefully shines through my words all the same.

    DEO VINDICE, with all my due respect Sirs

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Kp5W5bJLVM (please cope with the commercial at the start of the video)

    • Adrian G. says:

      Thank you very much for those beautiful statements.
      I read your comment and I don’t know if I misunderstood you or if you said a ‘mew secession’in one of you paragraphs. I wanted to let you know that we do not need to seceed. Because we already seceeded in 1861.
      our condition is the same as France in world war 2. France didn’t need to seceed from Germany because the occupation was illegal. all that was needed was ‘restoration and liberation’.
      Same is true for the Confederate States of America. the path to regain our independence is not secession, I repeat, NOT secession.
      I thank you for supporting Confederate liberation. so many do not support our rights and independence.
      God Bless You and Yours.
      Deo Vindice :)

  12. james says:

    I forwarded your # to Mr, McGhee. I did not think it wise to leave your # posted.

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