Registration Department has been returned to the State Department

We are pleased to announce that the Registration Department has now been transferred back to the State Department. The Registration Department was temporarily placed under the direct charge of the Constitutional court, but will now be placed into the more capable hands of Secretary of State John Wagner. Secretary Wagner will oversee all aspects of the Registration Department. Please say a prayer for Secretary Wagner, as he takes charge of this ever expanding Department, of citizenship growth.

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  1. Rich Borris says:

    I would like to point out, that next year on November 17th, 2014 will mark the 10 year anniversary of when the CSA restoration efforts started, with the Voters Registration Drive.

    I would like to wish Secretary Wagner the best in the Citizenship Registration endeavors. From what I understand, it will not be an easy task, but I know he can get the job done.

  2. I live in Georgia ande i am a conferdiate

  3. billy says:

    i live in ga. and im rebel to the bone. i was thinking of applying for citizenship. why do yall want me to go give the u.s. gov 10$ for an original of my birth certificate when a xerox copy shows the holograms and stuff that shows its obviously not a fake, and it has the clerks signature and all that… ALSO… as far as the letter from someone to vouch for you– i cant take this to my minister, i dont know his politics and i cant imagine what he would say about this. people dont really perceive this too well, as you all should well know. it mentions a magistrate.. magistrate of what??? the u.s.???.
    i wouldnt want to vouch for someone if i was already a citizen either, because then im on the line if something crazy happens.
    in a time when the confederacy needs all the citizens it can get, why are yall gonna try to make people jump through hoops about it? we havent even seen the birthing of the confederacy and already the c.s.a. is being bogged down in beaurocracy and red tape.
    it disheartens me. i dont want to deal with it. i dont need you to validate me as a confederate, i know who i am, what i stand for, and where i come from.

    • Adrian G. says:

      Hi Billy, please read and respond to my comment, the CSA State Citizenship is absolutely FREE and no longer requires NO fee or need for a vouch.
      Look on the Citizenship application, it no longer requires the same stuff it used to. Mr James Everett is the one who told me this.
      So I hope you’ll be signing up as a CSA State Citizen on THIS WEBSITE. Blessed be!!!

      • Adrian G. says:

        Hi Billy, the ONLY requirement for VS A State Citizenship is proof of residensy. It’s absolutely FREE. I hope you’re signing up as a Confederate State Citizen on THIS WEBSITE. Blessed be!!!!!!

  4. Dear Billy:

    What the government is asking is neither unusual, improper nor burdensome. Every day, the State Department receives applications for citizenship. Amongst them, nearly 25% come from foreigners living in the US and as far away as Europe. They love the ideals of liberty, limited government and Christian values embraced by Confederates. They want to show their support and they pray for our independence, hoping some day to move here and live amongst us in a land where a man can own property inviolate, a land that respects life, a land were people are free to associate with whom they wish without government regulation and a land where they are free to worship whenever and wherever they want to. We don’t blame them; these are the same goals your government is fighting for every day, but the government has a responsibility to recognize the rights of our own people first before turning to those of potential immigrants, despite the love they have for our country. To do that, we must be able to reasonably verify the qualifications of each applicant. Surely you can see this. As to obtaining a letter of endorsement recommending one’s character, we believe it an absolute necessity to the process, for what patriot who is true of heart is unwilling to proclaim his convictions to another? I hope you will come to the conclusion that the government is acting properly and to your best interest in this matter and that I will soon be issuing you a Certificate of Citizenship.

    I remain, sir, your obedient servant,

    John Wagner
    Secretary of State

  5. I await the day when Texas declares its independence from the U.S. and we no longer live under a occupied land with a government that is nothing more than an exploit to which the founding founders, men, women gave their lives to rid us of such a government. If they know what was happening I have no doubt they would roll over in their graves. I am a native Texan, born, bread and raised, and I intend to die here. If that death is scurried defending Texas an an Independent Nation, so be it.

  6. Lee Craig says:

    I feel the state I live in doesn’t truly belong to the occupying government and that every time i go to MN i am crossing an international boarder

  7. Jay Miller says:

    I am sorry gentlemen, but I have to agree with Billy.If an individual is born within the lines of the Confederacy, he or she is already a citizen of this country and to ask them to go to a federal authority to ask for a letter of recommendation is absurd.In the War for Southern Independence, I lost multiple family members and our family’s plantation.One of those family members was arrested as a horse thief a week before secession and was held for trial. After hostilities began to take place, he was conscripted in the cavalry, was captured twice and exchanged, then died with commendation at Gettysburg. My point is do you really think a federal magistrate would have given him a letter of recommendation knowing he was a horse thief. Absolutely not…..but Robert E. Lee did. I am sure the Confederate States has it’s share of undesirables and most are deemed as such due to Yankee law. Birth certificates should be enough for any natural born citizen.

    • Lee Craig says:

      that’s a sad thing to hear i feel that this is going to be getting worse then ant one thinks

    • Dear Mr. Miller:

      I hope that I do not cause any offense in reporting for your benefit what we are seeing in the Registration Department since the current requirements were approved:

      A. Applications continue to come in at the same pace and we remain about 2 weeks behind in reviewing these applications. We have seen no change since the new application guidelines were rolled-out.

      B. There is no requirement that an applicant obtain an endorsement from any “Federal Authority”. Ministers, magistrates, etc, are mentioned as examples; that is all. Let’s not forget that many, many State-level office holders, clergy and public figures are good Confederates just like the rest of us. They are doing their level-best to serve the public in their State and resent the Nationalist agenda coming out of Washington as much as you I do. Many are openly defying Washington today, placing their livelihoods, careers and more at risk. Being a Confederate doesn’t mean hating authority, embracing malcontent dogma, nor hating those who disagree with us; it means living self-responsibly, acting with charity toward those less fortunate, behaving with demeanor befitting that of ladies and gentlemen, and it means standing bravely in the face of evil. Being a Confederate means going to Church, loving one’s family, being a good steward of God’s gifts and it means kindness whenever possible. People all around us share them and we should get to know them.

      C. Specifically regarding the Letter of Endorsement requirement, until the legislature makes a change, the State Department will of course continue to require them with applications; however, let me add that I believe it to have been a good idea, given the many letters that I have read. Ministers, business owners, neighbors, friends, and more have endorsed applicants for citizenship and the content of these letters is heart-warming to say the least. They speak to men and women of good character, honesty, deep affection and charity. They speak to the yearnings of a freedom loving people desperately seeking liberty. They are the voices of women praying that a better future awaits their children. Yes, I do believe the Letter of Endorsement to be a good idea. I also believe this requirement has the added benefit of getting neighbors to speak to one another about the Confederacy and her values; values overwhelmingly shared by the majority of Southerners. People are whispering now. Perhaps this will help us to speak openly and then – perhaps – our people will be shouting from the rooftops.

      May God bless you, your family and our country.

      I remain, sir, your obedient servant,

      John Wagner
      Secretary of State

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