The Southern Achilles Heel

The Southern Achilles Heel,

By, Douglas McCue

With anything that has a long history and many view points, the Truth can be interpreted more by perception than by actual events or actual facts. Many of us in the South know this to be true because few of us would agree with the Imperial National government version of the War of Northern Aggression and the events that surround it’s cause and aftermath. This is a phenomenon that we need to understand and maybe not use but at least be prepared to confront it head on.

The opinion I offer in this writing is my own and is based on my own personal viewpoint. This is not to suggest that I believe every CSA Citizen should match my values or viewpoints but rather is offered to inspire some rational thought for consideration. It is said in my circles, that if we have 10 of us in a room, we will have 11 opinions. Each of us as individuals should and will maintain our own opinions, lifestyle, etc. That is a part of our Unalienable Rights and Liberty. Collectively, as the CSA however, we need to be careful and should stand firmly on the Principles that guide our Founding Father’s vision.

The years that followed the defeat of our Confederate Army was a dismal time that had the conquering occupying force set up a puppet Union Government. Our forefathers had to endure much humility and harassment. One of the tactics of the Union was to create an atmosphere of contention between the races. This wasn’t hard to do. It didn’t take much for them to fan the flames. Now I don’t pretend that all racial tension was created by the Northern occupiers but they did take advantage of it. In my opinion this rift between the races, while understandable (since the North increasingly started using the so-called  “freeing of slaves” as the justification of the war, the Southern Whites would start holding the Black man as the reason for the loss of Liberty and subjugation AND the Black man would hold the Southern Whites as the source of their poor living conditions and resent years of slavery) was an unfortunate period of time. Many years of true racism existed. Although the original purpose and at least a portion of the KKK’s mission had nothing to do with racism and hating Black’s, there was/is ample justification to say that the KKK was/is a White racist organization. It would be ridiculous to say that racism did not exist in the South for many years. It would also be just as ridiculous to say the same for the North.

In around 1972, when integration took place, I remember watching the CBS news with Walter Cronkite. The big news one night was the riots taking place in Boston where buses were over turned and lit afire. Mobs broke windows and looted stores…all because they were mad about having to integrate their schools. We, in Duncan, SC had a little friction too. We had a student body vote to determine if the school mascot was going to be the one from the White school or the one from the Black school. When the vote was over, we forgot about it and went about our business.

Years later when I reported to IT school (Instructor Training) in Pensacola, FL I remember hanging out in a break room where a Yankee sailor started a rant that simply because someone was from the South it meant that they were a racist. I got dead in his face and gave him a bit of Southern education. I may have rearranged his thinking, but his assertion is the point I’m getting to. Perception, although maybe only partially true or even totally false will drive public opinion and will have very real consequences.

We in the South have a long standing label as being racist and that perception will have a direct and negative effect on our ability to project the positive attributes and principles of the CSA. Although the CSA has a whole different stand on Illegal Aliens, open borders, Centralized government, socialism, etc. than the US National government, we certainly have no intention of bringing slavery back. Citizens will all have equal Rights and opportunities no matter what the race or religion. In fact the reality is that the CSA will remove the shackles of the nanny state, welfare dependence and what some call Uncle Sam’s Plantation. The fact is, is that we are the Torch that will light the way back to Liberty, Freedom and the government that the Founding Father’s created. Considering the over reaches of the Imperial National US government, the “Principle for Which We Contend” is going to be exactly what many are going to look for when they realize the Imperial National government is a lost cause. If we continue to perpetuate the impression that we are ruled by racism, we will be rejected by the majority of people looking to replace the failed and dysfunctional US National government.

As I explained earlier, opinions are like…well you know – we all have one. As individuals we should celebrate our freedom to believe as we will. Furthermore, our heritage and culture should be celebrated as well. Being a White Southerner should be a source of pride and openly celebrated. The same should be true for the Southern Blacks or any other cultural group provided they are here legally. How ironic it would be for the CSA to achieve what the US socialists failed to do….provide an environment where all men can live free and prosper. That would be the ultimate in retribution for the War of Northern Aggression and all that ensued.

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  1. Bob Garrard says:

    The southern Achilles heal Is we lost the war. Lee surrendered. Davis fled and was captured. Every seceding state applied for and received readmission to the union. Unless you’ve won some popular votes I haven’t heard about or votes in state legislatures, you people are being foolish. Remember your past with pride but let’s try to solve today’s problems today!

  2. james says:

    Mr, Garrard,
    You are incorrect, and I will prove so by using Tennessee as an example of proof.
    It is stated that Tennessee as well as the other confederate States could only reenter the union if they stated that secession was illegal, and that they agree to ratify the 13th amendment. The truth however, is that confederate Tennessee did not agree to anything, or even reenter the union. Confederate Tennessee, and in fact the State of Tennessee was forced into exile, and a puppet bureaucracy of the occupying National government was put in its place. Actually the truth is that the demand was that Tennessee follow the U.S Constitution and the 13th amendment; NOT that it agree that secession was an illegal act.
    First Tennessee was placed under a military governor, (ANDREW JOHNSON), appointed by Lincoln. Andrew Johnson was later to become Lincolns VP, and later President, after the assassination of Lincoln by Booth. At any rate, our governor was Isham Harris, who had held office for the two term limitation, he was a lame duck governor at the time Tennessee fell to the invading army. Robert Caruthers was the Governor elect. He was never allowed to take office because of the invasion, though he is listed as one of Tennessee’s governors. Military governor, Andrew Johnson, gave the ultimatum to officers of the Confederate government of Tennessee, to either swear an oath to the “Union”, ( Read here;Occupying National government), or be arrested. When they refused, they were arrested.
    [Duress] any unlawful threat or coercion used by person to induce another to act (or refrain from acting) in a manner he or she otherwise would not (or would). Subjecting person to improper pressure which overcomes his will and coerces him to comply with demand to which he would not yield if acting as free agent [Henry-Campbell: Black, Blacks Law Dictionary®, Sixth Edition, West Publishing Co. St. Paul Minnesota, 1990]
    The train of events are as follows.
    Elections were held by, and under the occupying National government in which, NO former Confederates, or suspected Confederate sympathizers were allowed to vote.
    William Gannaway Bownlow ( Parsons Brownlow) was elected.
    Brownlow submitted a series of bills to punish former Confederates. He disenfranchised for at least five years anyone who had supported the Confederacy, and, in cases of Confederate leaders, fifteen years. He later strengthened this law to require prospective voters to prove they had supported the Union. He tried to impose fines for wearing a Confederate uniform, and attempted to bar Confederate ministers from performing marriages.
    The Radical Republicans nominated Brownlow for a second term for governor in February 1867. His opponent was Emerson Etheridge, a frequent critic of the Brownlow administration. That same month, the legislature passed a bill giving the state’s black residents the right to vote, and Union Leagues were organized to help freed slaves in this process. Members of these leagues frequently clashed with disfranchised ex-Confederates, including members of the burgeoning KU KLUX KLAN, and Brownlow organized a state guard, led by General Joseph A Cooper, to protect voters (and harass the opposition). With ex-Confederates disfranchised, Brownlow easily defeated Etheridge.
    Next the defacto legislature granted him the power to throw out entire counties’ voter registrations if he thought they included disfranchised voters. So you see, OUR DEJURE CONFEDERATE Government was forced into exile, and replaced with a defacto puppet bureaucracy. The Confederate State of Tennessee never asked to be readmitted to a union of States that no longer existed after 1865 anyway, because the former union was transformed into a consolidated National government, wherein the Founders Republic/confederacy of Sovereign States were forced into exile along with our Confederate States. The Confederate States of America, its government nor constitution were ever surrendered, thus our Confederate States exist under the occupation of the Consolidated National government.

  3. Mike Smith says:

    Well said !! It is a shame, most people never look beyond the reconstruction history they were taught in school. Just a few minutes searching historical documents would open their minds to the truth. I was taught that General Lee surrendered the South, when in fact, he did no such thing.
    So many lies and cover ups. How do they ever keep up with them all? God bless the South and protect us in the coming days.

  4. Thank you James for letting Mr. Garrard know alittle of the real history of our state.

  5. Thanks James for letting Mr. Garrard know alittle real history of our state.

  6. Matt Goodwin says:

    I Might also add that our current “union” is not a union at all. The founder’s republic was a VOLUNTARY union that each state joined in good faith of their own free will. Today’s “union” is one which was brought about at the end of a gun barrel. Let me put it another way…
    If you became dissatisfied with your job and decided to quit and go to a better job, would your former employer have the right to force you to stay? Of course not. Employment is entirely voluntary. Much like our original union.

    “Oh hear the northern thunders mutter, northern flags in south winds flutter.”

  7. Jack says:

    Dear Sirs, to whom it may concern

    this may be the wrong place to adress my statement/question. But unfortunately I did not find any e-mail contact adress on this site, that would have been suitable to my cause.

    Let’s just say: “I’m Swiss by birth but SOUTHERN by the grace of god”. Would you believe me? I am a Swiss national, born 1966. When I turned seven (!), I got my first SUN Records compilaton for my birthday. It was through music that I first got in touch with the rebel flag. Only a few years later I started learning, reading, investigating about the purpose and meaning of the flag, that so far, I only saw as a sign of “youth rebellion” in connecion with Rockabilly/Rock’n'Roll Music.

    But then, logically, my quest for knowledge led me to the history of the Confederate States Of America. Since 1985 I’ve visited all of America, more than 20 times but most intensely the 13 states of the Confederacy. And it struck my heart. I have visited all Battlefields. Learned about hisory and its events.

    And finally became a TRUE CONFERDERATE at heart. The vlaues, morals and principals of the South flooded my heart, soul and thoughts. As of today, at the age of 46, I am still facing that burning desire for Dixie.

    The Confederacy is, as you state correctly, a nation occupied by another nation. On your website you have the option: “apply for citizenship”. Since I am not born in one of the 13, nor in a state of the “Unon” I wonder if there is ANY chance for a man like me to apply for citizenship at all.

    You could test my knowledge about the C.S.A., I could name people living in your nation who would testify, that I am a TRUE Confederate compatriot.

    I’d truly appreciate a statement from an official of the C.S.A. regarding such matter.

    “I pledge allegiance to the Constitution of the Confederate States of America,

    And to the Republics

    Through which it stands,

    our nation, under Almighty God,

    With Liberty and Justice for all.”

    Yours respectfully

    • John Wagner says:

      Dear, Jack:

      Thank you for writing the Confederate States government and for your support of our efforts to end the occupation of our country. I’ve spent some time in Switzerland, living in Buchs for a short period, and admire your country greatly. It was a wonderful experience.

      I do regret, when so many of our own people still accept the United States occupiers as their masters, that we have no provision to extend citizenship to you. Like in any country, citizenship status is reserved for those natural-born and extended to those who, living within our borders and having met the required prerequisites, make successful application for citizenship through natualization.

      Again, thank you for writing us and may God bless you.

      I remain, sir, your obedient servant,

      John Wagner
      Secretary of State

      • Jack says:

        Honored Secretary of State

        Thank you very much for your kind answer. It is indeed very sad that most people, especially in the states of the occupying country, but, deplorably also in the C.S.A. do not see the necessity of a C.S.A citizenship, while others, from the bottom of their hearts, do believe in the morals and ideals of the Confederacy.

        But I certainly do understand that the rules given must be obeyed. As I mentioned before I have been to your wonderful country many times. I have friends in the South and even once was in a relationship (long distance can’t last) with a lady from Texas.

        Millions of illegal immigrants flood the soil of the south. Most of them not even capable of holding a conversation in English. Not even speaking of “adaption to the society” and internalizing the values of their chosen place. Because they come for ONE reason solely: money.

        They immigrate for jobs, dreaming the American dream. Would you ask them if the saw themselves as Confederates, they most probably would not even know about the Republican values the South would stand on.

        The values the southern forefathers fought for. They come because they seek an easy life.

        I am PROUD to know that the Secretary of State of the C.S.A. once spent time in my beautiful country! Buchs Zurich or Buchs Sankt Gallen? Either way you will have recognized that life is good here. And maybe also, that our conservative values are very much alike yours. That we feel occupied by the EU (even though not a member, lots of their jurisdiction ist pushed on us through threats of economic disadvantages).

        My point is: I have no REASON to leave and live as an illegal immigrant. I have a high stndard of living and a well-paid job here. BUT:

        I am a true Confederate at heart, soul and mind. And even thogh I understand why there is no possible way for me to become a citizen of the C.S.A, I devote my feelings and my spirit and my devotion to the cause.

        I will remain a Confederate compatriot until the day I die. If I would mention you the persons (from Texas, Georgia and Maryland) who know me close and well you’d understand who is writing to you here.

        But since I am not naive and a person who obeys to law, I do accept the fact that my journey as a Confederate will always remain in a figurative sense.

        And the only option to “come home” will be my corpse burried in southern grounds, once the Lord decided my time was up.

        The next visit will be in late April when I go visit my friends in MD and VA. I have not “been home” in three years and sure will be the happiest man for a week.

        I would like to close my post with some words of a man so much greater than all of us:

        The trite saying that honesty is the best policy has met with the just criticism that honesty is not policy. The real honest man is honest from conviction of what is right, not from policy.
        Robert E. Lee

        yours truthfully and with all my due respect, Sir

  8. Jack says:

    Sorry for the typos, Sirs, I was too excited when I wrote my post. Please do not doubt my literacy in the English language.

  9. Jack says:

    Addition: even though some of my friends live in Maryland, they are passionate Confederates :-)

  10. Douglas says:

    Man alive!! If we could just bottle that enthusiasm and put it in the water system!! Thanks Jack. If our own native born Southerners would put in half the effort of learning our (true) history then we would be well on our way to Independence. Give us a shout when you get to Maryland. I know people there as well.

  11. I am very pleased with this site. I am a member of the League of the South and am a citizen of here! Keep up the good work and we will continue to grow! I am passing out applications to people I know so they can apply for citizenship as well! Deo Vindice my brothers and sisters!!

  12. Kari says:

    I’m curious. I’ve always maintained that the South had the constitutional right to succeed from the Union. And that the war was more about State Rights than slavery.

    But…… Wasn’t the state right issue the fact that the south did NOT want the government to outlaw slavery and that it was then that separating from the union became an issue great enough for war?

    Also, is it true that the south fired on Ft. Sumter before there were any military strikes from the north? Wouldn’t that mean that the south started the war?

    Again, I have no agenda here, and I’m not trying to be difficult, I’d just like to better understand where you guys are coming from.

    On an aside….. are women allowed to vote in your republic?

    • james says:

      I am pleased that you are curious enough to ask questions.
      I as well as many others will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.
      Let me answer your last question first;
      You asked…
      “are women allowed to vote in your republic?”
      Yes indeed women are allowed to vote in our republic, provided, they are registered citizens of The Confederate States of America.
      As to your first question;
      “Wasn’t the state right issue the fact that the south did NOT want the government to outlaw slavery and that it was then that separating from the union became an issue great enough for war?”
      The first thing that you must do, is seperate the States from the region. Each State was a sovereign, and each State left what was being transformed from the founders republic to a wholly national government system, (Each State declared their independence as individual sovereign States); They did not leave as a group, but rather as individual sovereigns; listing their own reasons in their declarations of secession. My home State of Tennessee did not mention slavery as an issue in our declaration, though, I would never claim that slavery was not an issue. Tennessee simply stated….
      “First. We, the people of the State of Tennessee, waiving any expression of opinion as to the abstract doctrine of secession, but asserting the right, as a free and independent people, to alter, reform, or abolish our form of government in such manner as we think proper, ”
      In other words any opinion contrary to the right of a State to exit the “union” was of no matter, Tennessee was declaring her independence and that was that.
      Many States did mention slavery as an issue, yet several other issues for their declarations were mentioned as well.
      The bottom line is this;
      “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”
      The States that declared their independence through their declarations of secession did so as the sovereign States that they had always been, united in a voluntary Confederation. They then united in the continued confederacy under the founders intent. Slavery is a long dead issue, and has no relevance today in our cause to re-establish the founders intent through the restoration of our Confederacy.
      If ending slavery was a justification for the invasion, and occupation, then the reason has been accomplished, so why not end the occupation? Also if Slavery was a justification for the invasion, then what about the U.S. Government inc and its genocide of the Native American Indian after 1865? Was it OK to slaughter Native Americans, and deprive them of their cultural heritage? Are they of no consequence? Are they lesser than the White or Black man?
      Now as for your second question….
      Also, is it true that the south fired on Ft. Sumter before there were any military strikes from the north? Wouldn’t that mean that the south started the war?
      Missouri was where the war actually began sometime before Ft Sumter. I will ask Mr. Kevin Pierce of Missouri to explain this for you asap. Regardless of The beginnings in Missouri, Ft Sumter was a military installation within the boarders of South Carolina, it was a strategic Fort overlooking one of our Confederacy’s most important ports.
      The national government was asked to vacate the Fort, and refused. They were offered safe passage, but instead of vacating the Fort, they were attempting to resupply it, leaving the only alternative of firing on the Fort. The Confederate State of Virginia was invaded at Manassas on July 21, 1861. The war began with the invasion of Virginia, the firing on Fort Sumter was to end the occupation of a fort in the South Carolina harbor by a foreign government.
      All of this being stated; we are not here to rehash that war, our cause is to restore the Founders intent.

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