Lessons Learned from a Failed and Dysfunctional Government

The following paragraphs are but a few of the issues we should consider as we move forward and eventually have to govern ourselves. The occupying US government is on a runaway train that is going to derail. This may happen sooner than later and we may have the opportunity to reclaim our right of self government and reestablish the Sovereignty of the CSA. Once this is done we will have the monumental task of ensuring the CSA government is limited, funded, functional, etc. and as I just pointed out we have many examples of how not to do it.


Voting. My wife told me some time ago that she no longer believes that the citizens of the USA actually choose the politicians elected into office. After the recent elections I believe she is right. Several states reported electronic voting machines that changed the vote after a choice was made by the citizen. This was only caught by observant voters who double checked their ballot. How many times did this have to happen to change the will of the citizens casting votes? I do not believe that the current politicians in office are the result of a fair and honest election. The solution is fairly easy in my opinion. You will be always in full comfort with these perfect chairs https://bestzerogravitychairs.com/ First get away from electronic systems that can be too easily corrupted. Use simple and permanent paper ballots with easily recognizable entries for the choice of the voter. But first, voters need to be registered, valid citizens with proof of identity and knowledgeable in the CSA government before being allowed to vote.

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Political Parties. One of the largest contributing factors that led to the demise of our Founding Fathers vision of government is emphasis on political parties. Former Georgia Congressman Zell Miller has documented this in one of the many books he has written, A deficit of Decency. In this book he explains how the main efforts of politicians in Washington, D.C. is the consolidation of power for their political party and very little emphasis is placed on doing the work of the people. This was one of the main reasons he left government. Zell was a keynote speaker at the RNC for President Bush when Bush ran against Kerry. This was impressive since Zell Miller was a Democrat. In my opinion, our Representatives, Senators, President, Vice President, etc. should be elected based on their character, competency, and how well they will execute the responsibilities of the office they seek and NOT on the political party they belong to. The two party system the US government adopted led to the polarization of society and government into those who wanted socialism and those who didn’t. Both ironically believed in pushing their agenda’s on the rest of the world, be it economic or ideology. We would do well to de-emphasize the importance of political parties for the CSA government.


Taxation. One of the worst creations of the Imperial National government in the District of Columbia is the massive taxing system they use to confiscate money from its citizens. Although it has many methods to extract money (payroll, gasoline, corporate, etc.) the main part we all are familiar with is the income tax. A progressive incremented income tax is one of the main pillars of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. There is nothing that is more of an anchor on economic prosperity than this type of taxation. There is a much better alternative but the two parties of the Imperial National US government both fight with all their might to prevent it from becoming law. Why? Because the current system plays directly into their power and ability to get elected. Democrats promise to tax the rich. Republicans promise to cut taxes for everyone. The “tax debate” is one of the biggest platforms for both parties. What if government revenues were generated that did not involve politician manipulation? It would be the biggest transfer of power from the government to the people in US history. That is extremely unlikely. We, however, have an opportunity to get it right from the start. The taxing system I speak of is the FairTax. It is a taxing system based on free enterprise and Capitalism…not Communism. It is the creation of 11 of the top economic minds of the best universities across the United States. Three Texas businessmen funded the study with 22 million dollars and the economists created a taxing plan that was created to enhance economic prosperity and eliminate political abuse. It would eliminate the IRS, prevent the government from getting involved in your personal business and knowing how much money you made, it would remove tax compliance costs in business and would turn the land into a tax haven for businesses that would bring in economic activity from around the world (can you say JOBS?????). These are only the tip of the benefits this taxing system would provide, but it requires a government that would be willing to relinquish the power that the current US taxing system provides politicians. And…just as the American people have been brainwashed into believing that Lincoln was a hero and the greatest American President, the FairTax has been demonized as being an unfeasible horrible system. Of course this is what they want you to believe. They have no intention of losing all that power. If the CSA were to adopt this taxing system, we could not only easily fund the requirements of the common government (a tiny fraction of the US National government), but it would also be a magnet for business from around the world. We could become an economic powerhouse based on eliminating tax burdens on manufacturing and all other aspects of conducting business. Just as the South was a threat to Lincoln’s Union because the CSA refused to impose Tariffs on imports/exports, the FairTax would enable the CSA to excel in the world market by eliminating tax burdens.


These are only a few of the lessons learned that we can take advantage of from a government who has made the wrong decisions at almost every turn for the last 150 years. If we are to get our opportunity to rise again, we need to get it right or be doomed to repeat history.

By Douglas McCue

CSA Representative for the Republic of North Carolina.

8 Responses to “Lessons Learned from a Failed and Dysfunctional Government”

  1. james says:

    I believe you are absolutely correct in your view of political parties and over influence on them. The people who give consent to the occupying government by their willing participation within their election process, attempt to use the political parties, democrat, and republican for the most part as a check and balance system, one against the other. This is a perversion of the founders system. James Madison warns in the Federalist #10 about direct democracies in which he describes how they break into factions, and the minorities rights become sacrifice to the will of majority. The republican, and democrat parties are in fact, factions as James Madison describes. In a republic, made up of sovereign and independent States, factionalism is contained, unable to spread across the boarders of the States, thus unable to affect the whole. Today we are forced under the occupation into a National government system wherein the government has become as Patrick Henry warned, (“A CONSOLIDATED GOVERNMENT”). In this National/consolidated system factionalism has no boarders in which to be contained, therefore the rights of the minority become sacrifice to the will of the majority. Also in the Federalist #10 James Madison states that….
    “Hence it is that such democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security, or the rights of property; and have been in general as short in their lives, as they have been violent in their deaths.”
    What we experience with these factions, (democrat and republican) is the same as with direct democracies wherein it results in turbulence and contention, and is incompatible with personal security and the rights of property. This is why your right to keep and bear arms is in constant peril, and has and is being chipped away as another right sacrificed to factionalism. This factionalism, as a result of the National government system will as Madison describes… Be short lived and violent in its death.

  2. Michael McGhee says:

    I agree with this 100%. Well written to both of you. I pray to God every day that we get the CSA back. Not only for us but for future generations. I think we must get it done or our children and grandchildren are going to pay a price we cant even dream of thanks to the occupying empire. The United States will fall soon, I think we all know that. We need to be ready to be able to pick right up and take care of business when that happens so our people know they have a solid Country they can depend on and trust in the CSA!!!

  3. Rich Borris says:

    I could see a great opportunity for huge new job creation in a restored CSA. One opportunity for some new company would be to have something like a CO-OP. Look at the Basque region in Spain with the Mondragon Corp.
    Solar and wind power would be prosperous. Textile and milling cotton for clothing would come back. Automobile manufacturing would come back (vehicles, parts, and accessories actually built in the CSA). A possiblity of having high-speed commuter railroad system. Good steady well paying jobs.

    • james says:

      Not to mention that the trillions in debt that the National government has incurred would no longer be our burden, as with the end of the occupation, so to would be the end of that debt for the Confederate States citizens. Just imagine what the end of that stifling debt would do for our Confederate States economies.

  4. Paul K Maurer MD says:

    I just found this site and must say I am delighted. I am, and have been since childhood, a devout WWII obsessive. As I see our nation disintegrating, I desired to learn more of the origins of the civil war. It has always been my impression that, as always, history is taught by the victor and may be quite different from the truth. I believe I have stumbled upon a site that will be refreshing and educational. I look forward to learning and further communication. The best years for the CSA may be yet to come!!


    Paul K. Maurer MD

    • Rich Borris says:

      Welcome Dr. Maurer,

      One article I recommend reading is “Declarations of Confederacy & Compare and Contrast” which is posted on the left sidebar and under News, Articles and Events.

  5. Douglas says:

    Thanks James, Michael and Rich (Welcome Dr. Paul). This is the type of discussion that we need to bring forward when we convene our Representatives. It’s amazing to me how when you have lived with something all your life it seems so normal and is rarely questioned. Having a 2 party government is taken for granted, but imagine a government where there was no party…just Representatives/Senator who only had the concerns welfare of his/her state in mind. To me it’s sad the Senator Richard Burr is known more for being a Republican than being a Senator from NC. Also, our Founding Fathers had Senators appointed by State governments to ensure loyalty to the State, but now in concert with Democracy (vice Republicanism)….they are elected. I’m betting most voters make that choice based on party affiliation as well. Rich, If the CSA takes the lessons learned and hold true to our original intent, there will be unlimited opportunity for business of all types. Some will excel and others not, but the Free Market should decide that. Remember, it was Lincoln and the Whig Party agenda (Merchantile System)that married government and private business. Tariffs, Protectionism and Subsidies were the tools Lincoln used to integrate the Central National government into private businesses. This coupled with the horrible tyrannical taxing system in place today completes the iron grip the Central government uses to fuel their hunger for power. We, the CSA must remain true to the original intent and maintain a “Separation of Business and State” (vice Church & State) in order to maintain Liberty and Freedom for our States and our Citizens. Dr. Paul, I recommend reading books concerning Lincoln by Professor Thomas DiLorenzo of you really want to swallow the red pill and have the truth revealed….

  6. Christy R. says:

    Mr. McCue, excellent and thoughtful writing. Thank you!!

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