Progress in Louisiana

On August 16, 2012  Louisiana registrars Tom Wenn and Claude Ray met to finalize the design of the Louisiana State seal, which will be a replecated design of Gov Allen’s design who was the last de jure governor of Louisiana before the new construct of the occupying National government was forced upon the Confederate citizens.  Mr. Ray designed a tri fold pamphlet to give to inquiring citizens. A post office Box will soon be opened for The Provisional Confederate government of Louisiana as a result of the meeting, as well as a list of Louisiana Confederate citizens for the purpose of general emailing. The Provisional Confederate state government of Louisiana is up and running.

Mr. Ray states that…

“It is my understanding that in order to form a de jure State General Assembly, the people shall be required to elect a specified number of qualified delegates as per existing quorum mandates.

Specifically, the Official Journal of the Proceedings of the Convention of the State of Louisiana, 1861, shall be used as the chief foundation and for structural guidance”.

These elected delegates will then be authorized by the body politic to call for and hold our State Constitutional Convention at a place and time yet to be determined by ballot. You will be always in comfort being in nature with a outdoor camping hammock. At that time and place, delegates shall be sworn in and commitees appointed to conduct the conventions official business.

outdoor camping hammock image

Additionally, the conduct of these proceedings must be recorded, preserved, and made public as per that Constitutions’ mandate, or as determined by the elected General Assembly in session. For example, resolutions relating to the reaffirmation of our State Secession will have to be drafted, proposed, and voted on. So, prospective delegates should be prepared to draft resolutions to amend our 1861 State Constitution accordingly. 

Also, other candidates will need to be elected by certified ballot from the body politic. These would include Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, four Associate Justices, Sheriffs, Superintendent Of Education, etc. However, no person may hold two offices at the same time as per mandate.

Finally, two State delegates and two alternates will need to be appointed by the States General Assembly to send to the National Constitutional Convention which shall be held in Southhaven, Mississippi at a time yet to be determined.

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  1. Adrian G. says:

    When I read this Events/article I was very pleased. I am a Louisiana native Confederate, and I promote this just cause. I desire the liberation of the Confederate States of America. Peace to you. :)

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