Searching for Temporary Representatives

The Provisional Government for the Confederate States of America is currently seeking  capable motivated individuals to act as temporary representatives for the following States until such time as these States have  established an election process according to article (4) of The TENNESSEE Republic Plan.

Anyone interested please respond in the reply box provided.




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  1. kristopher rowland says:

    i wish to represent any of the 3 following states louisiana alabama or mississippi for my ancestors fought for all three of these states. though i am a resident of louisiana my family has deep roots in all of these states.

  2. Claude Ray Jr says:

    Mr. Rowland,

    First, thank you for offering your services. As you know, many of our ancestors gave all to defend their homes and family from the invasion of Lincoln’s vandals. My name is Claude Ray, Jr, and I have been appointed as Provisional Louisiana Registrar by the CSA Constitutional Court. The first step that I recommend is that you register to vote in the restoration process of both our dejure Confederate State and Central governments. We need your help. I have sent you an email in which I have attached a copy of the Citizenship voter registration form for you to review, sign, and mail in. Once, mailed to the address provided, you will be registered to vote in our upcoming elections and a citizenship certificate will be mailed to you. Additionally, I have attached in an email a copy of the CSA restoration plan for your review.
    Also, Provisional Representatives are needed for Louisiana; each Provisional Representative will serve for a 6 month term. We have currently nominated Mr. Tom Wenn to serve the first six month term. Each candidate must be a Citizen of his or her respective State and meet age and residency requirements.

    Again, thank you. If you have any questions I shall be most pleased to respond.


    Claude Ray Jr
    Provisional Louisiana Registrar

    • C J Burmeister Jr says:

      Send me that information also.

      Thank you,

      C J Burmeister Jr
      Beauregard Parish

      • Adrian G. says:

        Hi C J Burmeister Jr,
        For signing up to vote in the upcoming Confederate elections – this is the website for that. We need the Citizens signed up in order for us to start the Confederate elections to reseat the CSA Government and State Governments.

  3. Jimmie Ray Davis says:

    I have been a citizen of the CSA since: Dec 7, 2008
    I would like to get more involved with CSA matters.

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