News Release December 6, 2011

December 6, 2011
(1). Vandalism and attack upon Confederate heritage and history is injury inflicted upon all who endorse preservation and defense of America’s original Republic andConfederated Republican form of government. The American Public at Large becomes damaged by this evil, immoral and criminal type of dishonorable activity. America’s original Confederated Republic is faithfully defended and preserved by the Confederate States of America. Confederate symbols, personages, flags, property, landmarks, etc., have become politically demonized and vilified to cover up the real intention of those whocreate division. Honorable Confederate heritage and history has been distorted and used as a tool for hate by those who distract and use this fake moral front as justification for military aggression that subdued America’s original Republic and Confederated Republican Government. U.S. Democracy government controlled Public Education has been made official thru un-constitutional acts creating a defacto control of said element. The results have been promotion of various Democracy governmental politically motivated agendas, including rhetoric and those positions that wrongfully portray and vilify the Republic of the Confederacy, its right to exist, its heritage and history, her symbols and personages. This prohibited activity does not stand up to logic or truth andis wrongfully being committed under color of law without lawful or legal basis. [Compiled references to world-wide authorities serving notice in condemnation of this manner of activity are being made available by this Court for international public record].
(2). Unofficial use of the Confederate Great Seal in a supposed official manner, or unofficial use of the powers of a Confederate Government office in a supposed official manner, is dishonorable activity demeaning to America’s dejure Republican governmentfaithfully preserved and defended by the Confederate States of America since 1861.
(3). Adverse foreign judicial, administrative, legislative and executive process wrongfully brought against sovereign Confederate State Citizens constitute trespass and damageinternationally recognized as prohibited activity committed under color of law. Americanrule of law and America’s original Confederated Republic are dishonored because Americans are often subjected to harmful policy resembling War Crimes, Ethnic Cleansing, Social, Political and Economic Genocide. Some participation in Democracyprocesses [such as a Driver License or Dual citizenship for those resisting exclusive "U.S. citizenship" under Democracy's Fourteenth Amendment] has been made Of Necessity because of imposed martial law, occupation and Reconstruction [Compiled references to world-wide authorities are being made available by this Court for international public record serving notice in condemnation of imposed harmful foreignpolicy with governing that dishonors American rule of law demeaning to America'sConfederated Republic].
(4). Any foreign interference of the internal affairs of the Confederate States of Americaand its sovereign States and Citizens will not be tolerated, and subject to Nullification andInterposition of Right of Necessity. Their sovereign immunity and God-given natural-born rights are exempt from inapplicable foreign laws, process, jurisdiction or venue. A sovereign Confederate State Citizen possesses unalienable inherent political power andfreedom of political will documented by international law and treaty, domestic law of the land, constitution, statute and case law. Their rightful venue is territory inhabited byConfederate State Citizens; where their private property is located; and wherever the business of their Confederated Republican Government convenes. By Declaration, Rightand Inheritance, Confederate State Citizens choose to be governed under America’s original Republic and Confederated Republican form of government founded upon constitutional authority [1781 Articles of Confederation; 1787 U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights]. The 1861 Constitution for the Confederate States of America embodied by theConfederate States of America, faithfully defends and preserves it ongoing today. [Compiled references to world-wide authorities are being made available by this Court for international public record, which recognize legitimacy for America's Republic full Restoration and peaceful Political Separation from Democracy into a distinctly separate jurisdiction and venue].
(5). Slavery, Peonage and Fiction Status conferred upon natural-born individuals to treat them as legal fictions and chattel property, are all wrongful activity to be prevented and prohibited. It is absurd to govern in the manner of the U.S. Democracy, that a natural-born individual can be considered a legal fiction or property to control them, their private property and birthright of politi­cal, economic, religious or social freedom. Democracypromotes a failed, prostituted political ideology and modern form of Slavery. This contemporary institution of Slavery represents specific instances of force, fraud, and conflict of interest that corrupt the concept that a natural-born individual is the sole and absolute owner of themselves, and that their body is unalienable. If it were not so, unalienable rights to life, liberty, freedom and property while one engages in honorable, productive, and non-harmful activities of life would be wrongfully compromised. Neither Slavery; nor Peonage Involuntary Servitude except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted; nor Fiction Status conferred upon natural-born individuals to treat them as legal fictions and chattel property shall exist within theConfederate States of America, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
(6). The sovereign people shall not be deprived of the right to hold title [allodial, absolute, freehold, non-statutory, in law, legal and lawful] to their private property. No government hindrance will be created that will infringe upon their unalienable and absolute right to claim their private property in a perpetual estate for themselves and their posterity. To do otherwise in the manner of the U.S. Democracy corrupts a political system and causes wrongful damage upon the sovereign people. Within Democracy’s defacto system, private property is assumed to be donated for public use and security collateral for debt of a foreign authority.
(7). The Confederate Congress will be empowered solely by the delegated authority provided it in trust thru its most sovereign body politic State Republics, to ratify said articles and laws from which the appropriate legislation will flow.
Chief Justice, James Everett
Justice, Douglas McPherson
Justice, Al Benson Jr
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  1. John Wagner says:
    I pray for the independence of my country every day. May God Almighty look down with mercy and approval of our Confederacy and the actions of our government. God bless you, gentlemen.
  2. I also pray for the independence Of our great Nation.
    God Bless The Confederate States of America

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