Heritage, Not Hate?

Heritage, Not Hate? Such is the occupiers means of controlling the dialog, and accepting such a defencive position by proclaiming that our Confederacy, and our symbols are about “Heritage, not hate”, is to allow our oppressors an advantage that they have no right to hold. Our oppressors exterminated millions of Native American Indians after the

Accommodation Party

  As we have explained many times over: Our Southern Confederate States exist under the occupation of the U.S. government, and have since 1865; That they legally and lawfully seceded from the U.S. in the years 1860, and 1861; That our State governments, and Constitutions were replaced under coercion and duress with puppet institutions that

The Cornerstone

The following is a quote from New Haven, Connecticut born, United States Supreme Court Justice Henry Baldwin in the SCOTUS case of 1833 case of┬áJohnson vs. Tompkins……….   “Slavery is the corner-stone of the Constitution; the foundations of the government are laid and rest on the right of property in slaves, and the whole structure