As I have stated those who we have been led to believe were “Federalists” were actually Nationalists, and those who we have been led to believe were “Anti-Federalists” were actually Federalists. Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, and James Madison were advocates of a wholly national system of government, a consolidation of the States, and an end

Thick as Theives part I

THICK AS THIEVES……. A couple of questions have been asked, the first is this….. #1. “Ive been thinking and wondering about something and maybe ya,ll can help me to understand???,,,, OK George Washington was a Federalist just as Alexander Hamilton was, and thus a big government guy, so i guess my question would be…. If

Removing irrelevant Factions

Liberal, Conservative, Left, Right, Progressive, Libertarian, Democrat, and Republican, are all constructs aimed to divide into factions. Under the Articles of Confederation, the only factions were the States united in the Confederacy, stiled the United States of America. The people were not divided into sub factions, their loyalty was to their respective State: Such is

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