Arkansas Registration Department

The Sovereign Confederate State of Arkansas Registration Department is now open Please send all Arkansas citizenship Affirmation/Applications to…… CSA AR REGISTRAR P. O. Box 415 Paragould Arkansas [72451]

Secession Part III

Often we hear that our Confederacy was not legitimate as it was never recognized by any other nation. Well let us take a look at a self evident truth that has been stated in our 1776 Declaration of Independence, which is as follows…… “Governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent

Secession Part II Cite the LAW!!!

Opinion, everybody has one, but how valid is an opinion concerning the legality of secession absent a law concerning secession? Is James Madison’s opinion anymore valid than yours concerning a non-existent law? Is George Washington’s opinion any more valid than yours concerning a non-existent law? How about a past U.S. President such as Andrew Jackson,

Public Notice

Another False flag operation has been uncovered. Please be advised that there are some fraudulently claiming to be CSA Interim government representatives who are not. If you suspect such fraudulent activity or have questions please contact the Interim government for the Confederate States of America at the official email address at…


Can there be a violation of a law that does not exist? Secession was not a States rights issue for two reasons: First and foremost, no matter what has been stated in the past or present, States do not have rights. To read full article click on the link below….. Secession, Cite the law