Fly your flag this Sunday!

Fly your flag this Sunday! As a reminder, the Confederate States Government respectfully and earnestly request that every Southern patriot fly a 3rd National Confederate flag outside their home, business and/or church this and every Sunday.  Thank you and may God bless you, your family and those whom you love as we fight for the independence of

Why is Lincoln in the Spotlight ?

Have you noticed the blitz of media saturating us with Lincoln propaganda? Steven Spielberg released a major Hollywood production focusing on what hard choices and difficulties Lincoln faced as President. As usual, this movie projects Lincoln as the hero that saved the USA. National Geographic is releasing a production of “Killing Lincoln” which chronicles the

Registration Department has been returned to the State Department

We are pleased to announce that the Registration Department has now been transferred back to the State Department. The Registration Department was temporarily placed under the direct charge of the Constitutional court, but will now be placed into the more capable hands of Secretary of State John Wagner. Secretary Wagner will oversee all aspects of the Registration