The Impeachment of Mr. Maus and Mr. Patterson

IN THE CONSTITUTIONAL COURT FOR THE CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA       CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA, Ex rel Case No. 2012-3 Plaintiff, Chief Justice James Everett   Vs   Craig Maus William F. Patterson Defendants     OPINION & JUDGMENT     OPINION (1). A former Constitutional Court OPINION dated February 05, 2012 [EXHIBIT

News Release December 6, 2011

CONFEDERATE   STATES OF AMERICA CONSTITUTIONAL COURT CONSTITUTIONAL COURT OPINION December 6, 2011 (1). Vandalism and attack upon Confederate heritage and history is injury inflicted upon all who endorse preservation and defense of America’s original Republic andConfederated Republican form of government. The American Public at Large becomes damaged by this evil, immoral and criminal type of dishonorable activity. America’s original Confederated Republic